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  1. Auctioning a Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV diamond pickaxe.
    Minimun bid is 100r higher than the other bidders.
    Auction ends after 7 days. I might have more auctions here.
  2. -_- starting price?
  3. Starting bid is 50r. And techguy takes the lead with 100r.
  4. Sorry, this is not a valid auction. Please follow all the guidelines posted HERE
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  5. How is it not valid???
  6. I stated that the starting price is 50r.
  7. "Auction hosts are expected to post ALL details of their auctions in the main post before the auction starts. There should be no editing of the main post by the auction holder at any time. If there needs to be an edit, please contact a staff member so we can determine if it is acceptable or not. The changing of any auction details after a bid has been made is strictly forbidden."

    "The subject of your post should always have a prefix of [Auction] and should include the item that you are auctioning off. For example: [Auction] Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxe"

    Theres does seem to be some flexibility I've seen about these in previous auctions, so you may be able to get away with it. Also, you will have to start a new thread for anything else you want to auction off, you can't start a new auction in this thread later on.
  8. Aw...... Crap.
  9. Also, as the post I linked you to said, you can only bump three hours after the previous post. Please read the guide if you have not already.
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  10. Sigh.... You are supposed to create a new thread each auction you host. You also are supposed to put in the the title the prefix [Auction] and it's suggested you put information about what you are auctioning.
  11. Maybe... ALL of it
  12. Everyone who goes to this thread, ignore it.
  13. Also, bids here won't work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.