Rupees Donation Broken :(

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  1. Today, I went to donate to EmpireMinecraft for Rupees... I noticed that it was stuck and wouldn't go lower then 10 dollars... Can anyone help me with this?
  2. Have you tried reloading the page and sliding again? I believe the minimum is $5.

    Also, I suggest to get the most out of your money, to send your donation (increments of 5/10/20 work for this) to ICC and ask for supporter vouchers; then sell those to players in order to get the maximum that you can with your real life dollars :)
  3. I liked it when it was the minim of 1 dollar
  4. What could you even get for a dollar though :\
  5. Try turning your computer off then on again. If that does not work just add water.
  6. I think it worked already, he just wants that you can get rupees for less $
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  7. Sure, But if 10 people donate $1 You could buy a coffee. Coffee= Aikar up later Aikar up later= dragon tombs? ;)
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  8. I would love to know where you get your $10 coffee. Better be a gallon of solid caffeine :p
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  10. Yeah your going to be spending 6$~ at least going out for coffee haha.

    But subject of OP.

    The change was intentional but I can bring back 5$ if their is enough demand.
    We have baseline fees on payment received, so its better when we get single payment of higher amount than multiple of smaller and some players do repeatedly buy smaller amounts multiple times a month, so I changed the min/multiples to help reduce the fees we encour.
  11. Eh I'm immune to coffee almost, I survive off 5 Hours now.... I took 2 yesterday evening :/ I am looking to start staying up later and operating on like 5-6 hours of sleep a night to try to get more done, but I dunno how long I'll be able to main tain that, gotta see how I handle it haha...

    Need major 5 hour stocks
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  12. Get some sleep... gosh...
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  13. Take this one as a free gift.
  14. Could you bring it down to where you can choose, $1-$100
  15. Sugar free, that got to be bad.