Rupee Voucher.

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What do you think about it?

Good 12 vote(s) 50.0%
i'm am ok with the idea but no that I want it 2 vote(s) 8.3%
No 10 vote(s) 41.7%
  1. Well... I got an idea of adding a so called Rupee Voucher
    This voucher will have 9 different levels, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 125k, 150k, 250k, 500k, 1000k
    They can be gotten only in supporter status.
    They can be obtained by killing Mini Bosses, the chance of getting each type of Rupee Voucher is
    25k = 6%, 50k = %5, 75k = 4%, 100k = 3%, 125k = 2%, 150k = 1%, 250k = 0.75%, 500k = 0.50%,
    1000k = 0.25%. I hope you like the idea :D.
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  2. This sounds like a good idea. Though maybe not as much money on a voucher? Or maybe you can get more money depending on the mini boss difficulty? Nice idea :)
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  3. maybe, nice idea
  4. there used to be something called a treasure voucher was taken out of the game for reasons

    also .75% is bigger then .6%....or did i learn math wrong....
  5. Not a bad idea but the amounts need to be far less. Even at a very low chance, getting 1 million free rupees is too easy. At most 50k-100k maybe.
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  6. 75% is more that 6%, but 0.75% is less that 6%. cause 0.75 is the like a percent to a percent 0.75%/1%
  7. ahh i read it wrong i read .6 percent for the first one
  8. k, I am searching for better prices that 1000k (lol) cause I kinda agree with you, this is what could happen,once a supporter killed a momentus and got a rupee voucher,then he read the note on it, '1000k rupee voucher'... "I'M THE RICHEST MAN ON EARTH!!!"
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  9. :D
  10. No, that is waay too good a drop. You already get drops you can sell for money.
    Maybe if it was 1k-25k range, but the possibility of 1000k is way OP.
    1000k is 1000,000 , being a million. You shouldn't get a chance at million rupees for killing a mini-boss, even if the chances are minuscule.
    -1 from me :(
  11. well k
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  12. +1 Maybe with some lower chances though.
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  13. Did I have to do a BUMP?
  14. I like the idea but if it was me I'd change it to a 'Bank Note' Something you can gain by typing a command that removes a certain amount of money and places it onto a piece of paper or empty map in your hand. This cohld be given out to players or dropped at DP's like promos. You may redeem this item by right clicking it.
    It may also be a good idea to add a time limit to hoe fast you have to redeem it so it doesn't turn into it's own separate promo when highly looked up on players use this system :)
  15. I like the idea. One of the Treasure voucher problems was that it was on a map. It was way too easy to accidentally change into an actual map of your surroundings :)oops: yes, first hand experience ((thanks again krysyy)))

    But it could be anything i suppose, that was named and could be redeemed. It could be a blowfish that would blow up your wallet. I dont know but a rupee drop is a good idea.
  16. The issue with these that I can see.... is if someone glitches them in some way... it will hard to tell if they are duping money.... (Its been done before)....

    Other than that I would like this.... more reasons to fight mobs as you can get a chance of getting free money.... :p

    Edit: Maybe a voucher you redeem to SS/Admin to prevent people from abusing/glitching/duping in any way, shape, or forum :p
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  17. I like the idea, just the prices are way to high, they wouldn't give us a chance to get a free 1mil rups from killing a boss. Now like 100k more reasonable but still good idea +1
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  18. I voted no on this because mini-bosses already drop vault vouchers which you can sell for up to 10k rupees.
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  19. No, no no no.

    Also, no need for anymore inflation. How would these be split up in group kills? Not everyone can get a voucher. Minibosses already drop items that are worth good money, so there is no need for rupee voucher anyway.
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  20. I don't like the idea of putting more money in the economy, BUT it would be very cool if this existed, they would sort of act like checks. Lets say you type ./r withdraw 25000 and it gave you the voucher...