Rupee History Is Broken And Now Ambiguous

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  1. Yesterday 9:00 PM "Player shop purchased 1 Beacon from Dragonhawk32"

    The problem is, I didn't buy a beacon from Dragonhawk32. He sold one to me.

    It should read "Your player shop bought 1 Beacon from Dragonhawk32".

    Now it's impossible to know whether I bought something from a shop or someone sold it to my shop. In both cases it says "Player shop purchased 1 Beacon from Dragonhawk32".

    And here I was wondering why no one has sold me beacons and where vast quantities of my rupees are going.
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  2. Player shop purchased is your shop purchasing from a player.
    Player shop sold is your shop selling to a player.
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  3. 'Player shop purchased' was me buying from another player's shop.

    Now it's another player selling to my shop AND me buying from another player's shop.

    If I view a transaction from after midnight on June 30th when the change was made, I cannot know whether the item was sold to my shop or I went to another player's shop and bought it.

    If I went to Player A's shop and bought the beacon, it would say:
    Player shop purchased 1 Beacon from Player A
    This is unchanged from what it was.

    And if Player A came to my shop and sold the beacon to me, it would say:
    Player shop purchased 1 Beacon from Player A
    This is changed from what it was. It used to say:
    Your player shop bought 1 Beacon from Player A.

    They are now the exact same message when before they were different, which means it's impossible to know which scenario happened.

    Trust me. I know there's a problem. A lot of things broke for me as a result of this issue.
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  4. I checked your rupee transactions and even testing things on my dev server. All logs are displaying proper. If this is something in your website that is grabbing the info I cannot speak to what the issue could be. Sorry.
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  5. Please try these steps to reproduce/help understand the issue:

    1) Go onto Account A, create a shop that buys diamonds for 120r each.

    2) Go onto Account B, sell 1 diamond to the shop.

    3) Still on Account B, create a different shop beside that one which sells diamonds for 120r each (with at least 1 diamond in stock).

    4) Go back onto Account A, and buy one diamond from the shop you created with Account B.

    5) Now in the Account A rupee history you should see:

    Player shop purchased 1 Diamond from Account B

    Player shop purchased 1 Diamond from Account B

    You cannot tell which transaction is which...
  6. Its your shop ran by a player, when you put a sign up w/ a sell sign its going to show up as "Player Shop" taking it out your balance since its your shop :)
  7. Does this only occur with non-[slot] related signs?

    Are they sharing a doublechest?

    Is it a regular chest against a trapped chest?

    This might be caused by trying to prevent the 'preventing other account shops created next to each other' bug from a few months ago.

    Simple fix may be by using the location of the sign on a block, instead of using the location of the block they're attached to ... because if they are using the same space as a double chest, it may register the names under each.
  8. I don't think that's his problem :p

  9. Though, I do agree that me buying from others - 'is' kind of ambiguous ...

    Player shop purchased - should say 'Elite' or 'You' or 'WCG_Elite'

    and Uber_Corq ...should say Uber_Corq's shop sign.

  10. The location of the shops is entirely irrelevant to the issue.

    When I read "Player shop purchased 1 Diamond from Account B" in the history of Account A I have no way of knowing whether Account A has a shop which buys diamonds for 120r that Account B sold to, or whether Account B has a shop which sells them for 120r that Account A bought from.

    In the past, there was a message "Your player shop bought 1 Diamond from Account B" which meant that Account A has a shop and Account B sold to it. The "Player shop purchased 1 Diamond from Account B" message was only used if Account B had the shop and Account A bought from it.

    I assume because old transactions (pre June 30th) still contain "Your player shop bought 1 Diamond from Account B" messages that the rupee history is stored in string form and thus it may not be possible to recover. If that's the case, I'd hope this fix could be launched at midnight on a specific day so one can simply discard ambiguous transactions on those days in between.
  11. These two are the exact same things.
  12. It does appear that about 2 days ago, the "Your player shop bought" reason stopped having any log activity, while the "Player shop purchased" has continued to have activity.

    I'll write it up properly and stick it on Track tomorrow morning. :) Trying to do it at midnight doesn't seem like the best idea.
  13. The only thing I don't understand about this is that they both mean the same thing, so why should they be diffferent?

    I personally don't check my rupee history that often, so I wouldn't know.
  14. I think I can answer that: if you bought something from a shop then you know that the price is determined by the shop holder, so not much you can do about that. But if someone bought something from your store then this could be a good way to see if your prices might require changing.
  15. They are vastly different and mean different things:

    When I buy an item from a shop:
    • A shop exists which sells that item at that price. It probably still exists, unless the player went derelict, destroyed it, or changed the price.
    • The shop is owned by that player, most likely at their primary residence. Even if not their primary residence, it's probably on one of their residences and I can go through them one by one. Even if it's on a friend's residence, most players only have one shop.
    • The price is unchangeable.
    • Stock levels are unchanged. The stock level of the other player's shop remains unknown, and unless the item is placed directly into my own chest, my stock level is the same.
    • If the price was too high, I might be able to contact the shop owner for a refund.
    When someone sells an item to my shop:
    • A chest exists in my shop (or one of my shops) which buys the item at that price.
    • The player who sold me that item potentially has more of it. I could contact them in the future if I need it.
    • That player is a loyal patron of my shop and may be deserving of some sort of reward for their hard work stocking my shop. At the very least, they deserve some sort of thanks if they sold me lots of things I needed.
    • I can adjust this price if I set it too high.
    • If there's a typo, I need to fix it NOW. I also need to go through the fun process of notifying everyone who sold to it and hoping and praying they give back whatever money they took.
    These pieces of information are useful to players and automated tools alike. This information forms a basis for updating shops in EMC Market. They could also conceivably be important for staff resolving disputes.
    Having though further, I suggest the following wording to completely remove the ambiguity:

    "You bought 1 Beacon from Player A's shop" (or at least "You bought 1 Beacon from Player A" if you're going to be worried about the grammatical incorrectness of "You bought 1 Beacon from lotsofssss's shop" despite the fact it could still say "You bought 10 Beacon from Player A's shop" which is also not grammatically correct due to not being pluralized.)


    "Your player shop was sold 1 Beacon by Player A"

    This will also help make it clear to separate old incorrect transactions from the new ones which occurred after your update you apparently now plan to launch at an arbitrary time in the morning.
  16. I am currently away from my computer, but I will see if we can possibly return behavior to add it was before
  17. Looks like I might of used the wrong ID when I changed it around. I'll get it fixed soon.

    Essentially the code use to have "Magic Numbers" around in it to reference log types, and I switched it to use text based names, and must of used the wrong one.

    EDIT: Found right one, will deploy with tonights automatic reboot.
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  18. Bought: The past-tense of "buy".
    Purchased: The past-tense of "purchase", or "to buy".

    Player shop purchased 1 Beacon from Dragonhawk32 = Dragonhawk32 sold a beacon to your shop.

    "Your player shop bought 1 Beacon from Dragonhawk32". = Dragonhawk23 sold a beacon to your shop.

    Now, I understand the "Oh no, I can't figure out whether or not I bought something or sold something" problem.

    But the colored things above mean the same thing!