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  1. In order to keep casino games (and similar) fun on EMC, a few regulations have been established. These are here to protect all players involved in these games - from the people running the game, to the people playing it.

    Failure to comply in these rules will result in staff intervention and moderation action against you. If you know of someone breaking them, contact a member of staff via PM on the site. Include res number, name of rule breaker, type of game, and which rules they are breaking.

    All Games/Basic Guidelines
    • Any games that make profit (in any way) must be run in-game. They may not be run on the forums. Giveaways that require no fee to enter are fine though.
    • All types of games must be run in local or residence chat. The only thing you may use town or supporter chat for is to advertise your event in an unspammy way. Spamming adverts will result in the appropriate punishment. It is also the responsibility of the person running the game to make sure that people playing your game are in local or residence chat.
    • Anyone playing the game must be there in person. "My friend is playing for me" is not a valid reason for them not to be.
    • Keep games legit.
    • Be clear about everything. If someone asks for clarification, tell them what they ask for.
    • Ask the person playing the game in local chat if they agree to everything posted on the signs on your res before they play.
    • Rigging any type of game is not allowed.
    Lotteries/Pay to Enter Raffles
    Definition: A pool of rupees collected by the owner of the game in exchange for a 'ticket' (this can by a 'physical' item, such as a piece of paper, or a 'virtual' one, such as the owner's rupee logs). This ticket gives the person playing the game a chance to win the money contributed by the entry fee.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • How the winner is chosen (you must keep this the same after people have entered your lottery)
      • The amount of tickets/entries available (this must stay the same after people have entered your lottery)
      • You are not guaranteed to win
      • How much money will be added to the prize, and how much will be kept by the person running the game. For example, "90% of the entry fee will be added to the prize fund, 10% will be kept by me".
      • The cost to play.
      • The prize.
    Dispenser/Dropper Games
    Definition: A game where players pay rupees to the owner of the game (either by /r pay, or a shop sign), who activates the dropper/dispenser to dispense a random prize contained within. This type of game can also be automated, using shop signs, chests, dispenser and comparators.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • All the possible prizes, and the odds of getting them.
      • That you are not guaranteed to get a specific item.
      • The cost to play.
    • Using hoppers to refill the dropper or dispenser is fine, provided you use the same item as was dispensed. Having hoppers refill using random items is not acceptable, as this will change the odds of the game. For example, a hopper could not be used to replace a dispensed diamond with an enderpearl.
    • Ensure that the dispenser still has stock that matches the odds displayed periodically. Incorrect odds are not allowed.
    Wheel Of Rupees (or similar variants)
    Definition: A game where a wheel (or other similar machines) with different blocks on is spun using pistons. The person wins whatever the value of the block at a marked point is.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • The value of each block (for example: Green Wool = 100r; or Diamond = 2x money back).
      • The odds of landing on each block. These must be accurate.
      • The point at which is considered the "winner" block - the block that decides what the person wins. Whatever block lands on the 'winner block' is what is used to decide the prize the person will gain - as stated in "the value of each block". The easiest way to do with is using a sign with an arrow on, pointing at the wheel.
      • You are not guaranteed to make a profit.
      • The cost to play.
    Definition: Where the player bets on a possible outcome. For example, out of 8 chicken, which of them will get to the end of a 'track' first.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • The accurate odds of each outcome.
      • The cost to play.
      • That you're not guaranteed to win.
      • The outcome that people are betting on. For example: the item a dispenser is going to dispense, chosen from the items inside, or how many chickens will be spawned when an egg is thrown.
      • The prize for winning.
    Higher or Lower
    Definition: A game where the player says if the next number (often on a sign, hidden behind a piston) will be higher or lower than the current number.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • The cost to play.
      • The range of the numbers (what they can be between). For example, 1-20.
      • That there is a 50% chance of guessing the correct number, provided the current one is not the highest or lowest one.
      • That there is no guarantee of winning.
      • The prize for winning.
    If your game is not on this list, ask for guidelines on running it before opening it to the public. If you intend to open a large scale casino, then it is strongly recommended that you get your games checked by (a) member(s) of the staff team, who can then say they have done so.

    Guidelines for Game Players
    • You are extremely unlikely to gain money by gambling.
    • Don't participate in games ran by people you don't trust.
    • If you are scammed, report it to the staff.
    • Participating in these games is not recommended.
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    +You must include a sign stating the prize for all types of games applicable.

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  5. It should be noted that in the event one gains money through gambling, it is often a large sum. Just last night I won 3,000r through random number generation betting.
  6. What I want to know is, (because I plan on making a casino) if I were to create a new type of game, would I need contact a staff member to find out the rules, before I have the public use it?
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