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  1. Note: This guide refers to the "Code of Conduct" - an updated version of the 10 commandments, as it needs to be linked to in the new Empire Guide. Just pretend the current rules are there for now.

    From the Code of Conduct:

    4. Obey The Chat Rules / Do Not Be a Pain in Chat

    • No spamming
      • Only advertise your shop when necessary. Do not randomly advertise for any reason.
      • TaLkInG LiKe ThIs is also considered to be spam.
      • While a player spamming in capital letters disrupts chat, 15 players saying "Caps" or "Spam" at once is more disruptive. If you see that someone has already highlighted the mistake there is no need for you to add your voice too.
      • Yelling in all caps is spamming.
      • Do not elongate words without cause. Example: "hhheeeeeeelllllooooooo"
      • Don't use over-the-top punctuation. Example: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    • Do not be rude.
    • Do not beg players or staff for items, rupees, residence perms and attention. This includes asking for donations.
    • Be respectful towards everyone, no matter what religion, gender or other belief that they hold.
    • Do not advertise other servers. EMC doesn't advertise on other servers, so don't do it to us.
    5. Do Not Use Excessively Foul Language

    Be careful of what you type into the chat. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends.

    Some moderators have different views in terms of what foul language is. So that players understand this, they should know what the height of acceptance is: "crap," "shit" and "damn."

    Even censored, foul language is not allowed. Censoring includes replacing the word with *'s, or simply misspelling it.

    The use of any words with abusive intent is never accepted. Over-use of these words can be considered spamming.

    To some people, it is unclear exactly where the limits of decency is within the Chat Rules. This thread is here to clear that up, by showing you some examples of what's okay, and what's not.

    An important thing to note: ALL the Chat Rules are at moderator discretion. If you're behaving inappropriately and it doesn't fit within any of the rules listed, you will still be punished.

    Example 1
    "Shut up and get off my res!"
    This example breaks "Do not be rude", as you're demanding the person to shut up. It's not within anyone's right's to tell another player to "shut up". If you don't like what they're saying, /ignore them.

    "Please can you let me just build alone?"
    However, while not perfect, this example is much better. Generally, if you ask someone nicely, they're much more likely to understand you, and respect your wishes. Remember, if someone doesn't get of your res if asked, you can always -move them.

    Example 2
    "I think you're an idiot"
    There is no nice way of saying this, so don't say it at all. Complimenting another player is fine (and, if anything, encouraged). However, insulting another player in any way at all is not allowed, and could result in a punishment.

    Example 3
    "DONATE TO MY RES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    There's a couple of things that's not okay with this. Firstly, using all CAPS isn't allowed, as it come's across like you're being rude and shouting. Secondly, using excessive punctuation isn't allowed, and is considered spamming. And finally, begging in chat isn't allowed either. Contrary to many people's beliefs, asking for donations in chat is begging.

    "Check out my res!"
    Asking people to have a look at your res after you finish building it is fine. In fact, if you need donations, setting up a donation box in your res is completely fine - although you shouldn't mention this in chat.

    To put it simply, the Chat Rules are really simple to follow, provided you respect everyone, and don't be rude. In most cases, there's a nice way of saying something, but if there isn't, you really shouldn't be saying it.

    Example 4
    "I'm broke, come to my shop!"
    This is effectively begging, as you're indicating to everyone else in chat that you're after their money.

    One thing you could do, is when someone asks "Who sells [item you sell here]?", simply reply with "I sell [item] at [res number]". If you don't mention the need for money, then people are much more likely to go to your shop - as they'll think of a shop owner, not a beggar!
  2. Example 4:
    "I'm broke, please come buy from my shop!"

    this is fairly close to the same as begging, and it can get rather annoying.

    a better way of saying this would be:

    " Visit [insert res # here] for your shopping needs! :)"
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  5. Do not randomly advertise for no reason. Change the last no to any please.

    Also, unless meant to be cursing, please add ass to list of approved words - non rude of course.
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