Rubiks Cube Project!

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  1. Ok guys, I have got a res on SMP-2 with my second account. I am planning something big and this thread is showing what I have planned to do using single player.

    I would like to attempt to make a massive 60x60 Rubiks cube! THis is going to be the classic rubiks cube, muddled up. See below for some screen shots of the building process in single player.

    I would also like to ask for any donations of wool, all donations no matter the size will be much appreciated, and to extend my thanks I will be a running a donator lotto with 10k rupees for a randomly chosen donator. I will also be making a special room inside the cube dedicated to the donators of the wool. Your name (if you donate) will be put up on a sign so that everyone who visits the cube will be able to see that you helped make it a reality.

    Please message here if you are willing to help donate.

    Sorry for the incomplete cube, for some reason the save file got corrupt and I never managed to get a final screen shot :(

    2011-11-14_00.28.36.gif 2011-11-14_00.48.17.gif 2011-11-14_01.22.33.gif 2011-11-14_01.36.11.gif 2011-11-14_01.53.35.gif 2011-11-18_17.17.17.gif 2011-11-18_18.39.33.gif 2011-11-18_18.39.40.gif 2011-11-18_22.39.55.gif
    Remember, If you donate you stand the chance to win 10k rupees!!

    Donators: (order does not mean anything) *means you have donated :) You can donate as many times as you want, I just need to make sure all people who have stated they will donate do so, so the draw is fair :D Thanks all!!!
    zanderboy, CallMeTom, ns9300, qwertypasdty*, bossbaby, Qwertyip*, Sir_Creeper*, pgoubert*, Squizzel_Boy*, IPwnCreeps*, legacy123321*, iwantcookie2009*, cantiep45*, Rayson1357*, blockdude233, Akam_Harcen*, thebarn888*, FaustLauncher*, 32japan1*, darkdluro*, oidgod*, Eclipsys*, coldog117*, S_R_L_B*, supermaster110*, Pandastripes*, IZT*, Tom115xXx*, Lucasmetcalfe*, 32japan1*, blockmoon*, oidgod*, ededdeddy*, shaunwhite1982*, Drummerman120*, belchmaster* (thanks for the MASSIVE donation :)), roja22*, Stranger_J*, TheTrufflehunter*, AusQB*,
  2. Will it be completely hollow on the inside, or are you going to build a base in it, and that sort of stuff. Also I would like to donate, and I will be using Metal_Creeper to do the donating with as that is my profile that I use on SMP2. Also, random fact about me, I have three minecraft profiles, zanderboy, Creepy_SM, and Metal_Creeper. I also have Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft for the Xbox360! I am completely addicted to Minecraft! :D
  3. Awesome thanks zander! Yea it will be hollow with sandstone flooring (which I have done already). I will add a list of donators in the thread. Awesome, well I will look out for all three of you on the server. :)
  4. Do you need Lapis? I got 32 I can give you. :]
  5. I'm on smp1 most of the time, but i have like.... 9 white wool and like 6 blue. I think.
    I updated also though.....
  6. ill be donating as much as i can regardless how expensive e.g Empire Shop;). On a Different Matter I heard its bannable have more than one account can someone answer this for me? Thanks
  7. Who told you this? This is 100% untrue. What I can say, is that if one account gets banned for something, all known alts will, be as well.
  8. Would it be possible to enforce a computer mac address ban?

    Meaning that all Minecraft Accounts that are coming from the same computer would be banned as well.
  9. I will be glad to help but Im gonna need your help fixing my dome haha xD
  10. This is freakin badass i cant wait to see it. tell me whats your second acount name and your ploy number:)
  11. plot
  12. Yes please! Anything and everything that can help is much appreciated. Thanks man!
    Yep that will help a lot thanks. All donations will be accepted :D
    Awesome, thank you so much qwertypasdty. The moment I had two account I ran it past Jeremy, he said it was acceptable. ;)
    Sure thing, give me till the friday to complete all my examinations then I will be able to help you :D
    Sup man, My second account name is just MR2R2M_2, and plot number 3012 :). All I have done is the sandstone base, I will start construction on the cube after I have completed my exams and got some donations.

    I will add your names to the supporters list :)

    ~~~::::REMEMBER::::~~~ There is a 10k prize for a randomly chosen donator, I will be making a video chosing the winner.

    ~All donations small and big are much appreciated.~

  13. I was visiting the dispenser hopeing to win a diamond when i bumped into Rayson1357 at the wool chests.
    He dropped some wool for you, so i put it in the chest.
  14. Thanks, Qwerty! :D
  15. I'll start hunting down sheep and dye materials the day I get back on the Empire after the server is updated. Now that my res has been excavated for the living quarters there's nothing else I can do but sit and stockpile glass, moss brick, etc, for decoration.
  16. Haha, thanks man! I'll look around to see if I've got some moss, I might not have much though :)
  17. More Wool Donations from:

  18. Thanks Qwert ;)
  19. Guys, I am looking for more wool, it will all be much appreciated :)
  20. I've got about 4 lime green 3 red 8 yellow! Is that ok??? And how do i donate it to you? Do you need those colours?
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