Rts teleport to other residences

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  1. Basically just what it says in the title. Vote on the poll and please add. :)
  2. This already works. put "teleport" on the first line. Than the residence Number on the 2nd line
  3. He may be referring to teleporting to a specific spot on another residence though. It's a good idea especially for people with multiple residences that are all part of the one building. given you have the specific flags you should be able to do it. Perhaps adding a new flag for being able to set up an RTS would be better than having to set both build and use. I know you would have to set up build anyway but why use? I reckon setting an RTS specific flag would be better :) Anyway just thought he might have been looking at it from this view :)
  4. I don't think this was the suggestion - but in the Future Shop update... I think Aikar mentioned having a 2nd teleport spot for your residence. We will want to make sure RTS has a method to choose between the two :)
  5. You need build flag to set up signs... even if they say teleport, you still need to dig a small hole for the sign.
  6. That sounds good, so your saying in the next update if someone types /v _Stads_ that'l take em to the first spawn and then if you type something like /v _Stads_-Shop it'll take you to the other spawn? Or will the second spawn only be for RTS?
  7. I'm not saying replace the build flag I'm saying replace use. The use flag does sooo much already it would be good for security to have the option of either setting build and use or build and RTS.
  8. More or less that is how it could work. This is based off of older information from the Shop Update thread and stuff that Aikar said there. Nothing was ever mentioned about the RTS aspect of it until now
  9. Alright
  10. I know your idea, and I like it. Please do not take this the wrong way:

    All use does is the ability to use doors, levels, etc. There can be no damage. When someone has build, they can grief or build, depending on how the player wants to take advantage of build flag. If you gave me build, I could get past every door in your house. Having a separate flag for an RTS system just would be a waste of time...

    Again, just my opinion, please don't take it that I thought your opinion is stupid.
    Do I make a lot of sense? A little? None?

  11. What if his house is made completely of Doors and Trapdoors? lol

    There is a way - I think this works (might not) - I am making this example for myself in this example

    /res pset chickeneer build true
    /res pset chickeneer destroy false

    I could be wrong here. But - I think this will do the job
  12. Use also has quite a lot of other uses your overlooking... Think about sheering, there isn't a separate sheer flag; yet! And also unless you have added -breed to your "/res set" flags they can breed your animals and then get them auto killed by the system when that update is released... I know it seems unnecessary but unless it will actually cause the server problems why not add it onto the list of things to-do lol...
  13. I have never used the destroy flag... what does it do?
  14. Perhaps I'll test it now with my alt lol...
  15. That makes a lot of sense...
  16. If you set it to true it means that they can destroy but not build. If you set it to false it should supposedly not let you destroy...
  17. What if you accidentally place a block? :mad:
  18. Well, you are just out of luck XD

    There may be a "Place" flag. Not sure though
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  19. Nice, it works!
  20. Perhaps, I'll try it.