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    Richard almazrian is riding toward they city of amarzi when he notices a group of people walking very funny. as he got closer he noticed how deformed they looked. he was suprised when, like a well trained battalion, they turned and started running at him. he quickly dis-mounted and pulled out his scimitars. it wasn't long before there were 6 bloody corpses around him. he quickly mounted his horse and road into the city
  2. Ryan was heading to the block. he watched the executioner chop off the heads of people. then it was his turn. he walked up to the block, and knelt down. the executioner raised the axe, and then a scream rang out. the executioner looked to the left, and a man tacked him and began to eat him. Ryan then stood up and used the axe to free his hands. a shambling man came to him and moaned. Ryan grabbed a sword and stuck it in the man. he fell to the ground with a thud. Ryan fought his way out, the sword breakng in the process. he then stole a horse and rode to the city for help.
  3. Lamone Hardknickle was busy at work. A few old ladies had walked in asking about the price of some ribs. He was starteled when a young boy came running shouting about some rider and the un-dead. Lamone quickly closed shop and ran out to see what happened.
  4. When Ryan reached the city, it was in total chaos. There were walkers everywhere, and people panicing all around him. He rode through the city, watching people die. He then saw a group of people who say him and shouted at him, "OVER HERE!" he went over there and discovered that the people were making a safe haven. He was told to fend off the walkers ontil they had finished. at that point, Ryan was tacked. he was fighting for his lfe. he grabbed a bucket next to him and covered the walker's head with it. the walker was confused, and stood up. Ryan then grabbed a shovel and bashed the walker's head in. he did this for about five minutes and then the people called out to him. he rushed over there and got inside their fortified building.
  5. Richard was already engaged in heavy battle. After a discussion with the towns people he realized that the attackers were these people's friends and family, back from the dead. There were already a couple of attacks made by the walking dead and some people had been killed. They city had realized that these were a definite threat that had to be eleminated because they would eventually be over-run
  6. "what is happening??" Ryan said, looking confused. a woman in the back of the room stood up. "the dead are coming back." she said. "that's what is happening." "what do you mean?" Ryan said, looking even more confused. "some how, the dead are coming back to life, and are eating people. and if you are bit, you turn." after that, she began to rot, and she screamed. she rushed towards Ryan. he pulled out a throwing knife and hit the woman square in the face. she fell down with a thud."ok" said Ryan, pulling out the knife. "who is the leader here?" "you just killed her" a man said. "then i'll be the new leader" he said, looking brave. "how much supplies do we have?" an old man stood up. "follow me and i will show you" he hobbled out the door. Ryan followed after him.
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    *Lamone is busy inside the safe house helping people*