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  1. This thread will be the discussion board for the roleplaying forum thread apocalypse. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/rp-apocalypse-story-thread.17904/
    you many not post in the story thread unless your character is approved here.
    You many only have up to 2 characters.
    No outside discussion in the story thread.
    you may not post two times at once
    alts are considred part of your account (you can't have 4 characters because your using alts. only 2)
    whatever is posted in the story thread goes, even if you don't like it
    you may not kill off other peoples characters without their say so.
    No Magic
    your character must be human (unless you really wish to be a zombie)
    if your character is a zombie think of it as a minecraft zombie with no armor. you don't get super powered zombies. sorry. they might be introduced later on though but not as playable characters
    since the story didn't seem clear enough. this is in the olden time. 1442. there are no guns/cars/bombs

    Story Line:
    in the year of 1442 odd things were bieng reported in the out lying cities of Aglesia (the large empire ruled by good king Marcus). Some are reporting seeing there dead parents walk around. The story starts in the city of Amarza.

    Please do not make a bunch of crazy elite soldiers guys. we want this to be very realistic (except for the zombie part) make up basic people if you want. heck someone can be the priest. remember the villagers are not aware of exactly what is happening but I will tell you here. a necromancer is waking and controlling the dead.
  2. outline for character:
    Age (approximates work):
    Weapons/armor (if any):
  3. Richard almazrian
    Asassin for the king
    around 25ish
    Long golden hair but fierce blue eyes. stands about 5'11". muscular in an attractive way.
    carrys to scimitars on his back. his pack contains several throwing knives. His armor is plate with gemstones encrusted in it.
    Is on his way back to the capital when he is stopped by the hoarde. he joins the villagers of amarza to help them defend their city.
  4. Lamone Hardknickle
    Town Butcher
    late 40's
    rule black hair. brown eyes and is about 4'2". is fat as a pig
    a meat cleaver and an apron
    a very jovial fellow, he cuts meat for the villagers.
  5. What's this?
  6. it is called roleplaying. the participants of the RP create the story as they go along. It is similar to life. a majority of it you make up as you go along
  7. how do i get approved for the story?
  8. Name: Rman the Elven
    Occupation: Soldier (ranger)
    Age (approximates work): 25ish (not known)
    Appearance: Tall, Brown hair, blue eyes when happy/normal, green when angry/stimulated
    Weapons/armor (if any): Bow, Magical quiver of arrows (holds many more than a normal quiver), small gladius
    Other: Was adopted by an elven rogue camp when he was a baby, found in the woods with strange humanoid creatures attacking him. has very little knowledge of the existence of civilization, but otherwise has extensive knowledge on almost everything
  9. Name: Ryan charge
    occupation: Convict
    Age: 45
    Appearence: noraml sized, brown eyes, always looks on the positive side of things
    Wepons/armor: none
    other: convicted for murder and assult; has one daughter named marie; and a wife that died from cancer
  10. Ryan Charge is approved.
    rman. sorry but no magic. or elves. only humans and zombies
  11. No magic or elves? what blasphemy is this?