Roster of my Current Projects

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  1. 1. The Mason Factory (shop on SMP4, 9240, operating but not officially opened, selling competitively priced wood and stone products cheaply and sustainably through an intelligent production line format)

    2. The LSCC (wild colony, recruiting)

    3. Mason PRS (Mason Public Relations Service), a business where people can bid to become an affiliate of the Mason Factory, tactics will include pressure plate teleporters to affiliates and rewarding people who visit affiliates daily and/or have a pressure plate teleporter to an affiliate within easy access on their residence.

    4. Voltian Time Value Index, an economic measure of the value of time, information will be openly published for all to see. The value of time can provide a means of accurately measuring the value of goods and services, giving power to consumers helping to decide whether to buy something or gather it themselves, allowing retailers of goods to price their products at a price which creates a demand equal to supply, and creating a means of pricing more complex and larger services.

    5. The SMP5 Massive Excavation and Lava Wall Project. No, just kidding :D

    All projects are ordered in order of priority. If anyone has ideas, let me know.
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  2. Cool. Loving #5 xP
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  3. Edit coming soon!
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  4. If you intend to say something meaningful soon, then why post now?
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  5. My favourite is number #5. It sounds like such a cool idea...Oh wait, you were joking :(

    And so am I :p

    I'll check out your shop later, and how far out is the LSCC? I may join.