Roller Coaster

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  1. This is kinda a help thread and kinda not.
    As some of you know, to help boost smp6 i am making a fun res. (13331)
    I am looking for somone to make a MASSIVE roller coaster. I am willing to pay big.
    This roller coaster need to handle people abandoning carts, and be able to auto break and dispense carts. If anyone can make this for me or know of anyone that can, please say.

  2. Alright, to have it auto-break you have to have it run into a cactus then sucked up by a hopper. As for the rest, sounds easy.
  3. Ok. how big will it be? and price?
  4. As big as you want, and price depends on material cost.
  5. How big can you make it? like some quotes. (in amout of blocks)
    Mabey 18k blocks? someone was making rail cart systems 18k blocks for 6k.
    Also you supply mats, so add that.
  6. Or one-tick double-pulse a dispenser with a lava bucket in perfect timing :p I think that actually works better since the player can't get hurt if you do it right.
  7. But i need the cart back... Thats why i hired sky!
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  8. I may not be your guy since I am very busy with my residence. Sorry
  9. Awwwwww. know any others who could do the task? i have alot of money to spend
  10. As long as the lava is a one-tick pulse you'll get the cart back as an item.
  11. ok