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  1. Ever since I first joined EMC I had a role play mind set. I basically used my time on here as a way to tell a story, well show the life of The_Cupa_Creeper. She is my character in this story, And another player Uses his account (Hexcorpe) as a role play account along side mine. There are more characters withing this role play that I have created or have been included when we joined. Those characters are you and everyone else. In my mind and Hex's mind we have this role play fantasy thing going on.
    I created a back story for My character and briefly Hexcorpe's If you wish to read this then go ahead:

    Here's my problem now though, I have three residences that don't match up with the role play idea. I need some more ideas as to what to place in them. Preferable I would like it to make sense with the story that I wrote to keep the characters going. Any suggestions are welcome, I will be choosing the best ideas for the residences or the ones I think fits the criteria best and I think I will reward the person who give me the idea that I choose for each res.
    If no one replies to this then it will just take longer to think of something but so what, I really hope someone has an idea. I want to keep Role playing on the server for a while.
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  2. Yeah this would really help us out, it's been difficult to think of something to put in these residences.
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  3. You didn't really explain much as far as the "new place" you found. Your old home was described well, but once you reach your new home there isn't much to go off of. Maybe some landscapes or themes? Are you in an area that was torn apart like your previous home? Good story in general though.
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  4. Nah Basically My character left her old home ages ago so she's far away from where she started. The new place is just the Empire (EMC). I really just wanted some ideas about what would someone like this do when they move to a new place but still have the past that my she does. After posting this Me and Hexcorpe spoke a little about ideas and came up with a few, Haven't settled 100% on them yet but we spoke about little jokey places like a Creeper correctional facility, or a lab for typing to understand the creatures outside of the empire more. Because Cupa never dealt with the monsters until that storm and only a few times near the end of her journey she wouldn't know much about them so a lab would be the best thing for her or maybe she wants to turn some creepers good again so why not build a Creeper correctional facility. As I said we're not set on these ideas but it was just a few things we managed to come up with.
    So if you want to help then probably best to think about character needs since we cant actually change the empire (EMC)
    And I'm glad you liked the story :)