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  1. I can see in the not so distant future one of these things chasing criminals down and when it approaches the person it discharges an electrical shock bringing down the offender.

    AlphaDog Boston Dynamics:

    Italian Institute of Technology:

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  2. Holy crap Fahrenheit 451 is true!
  3. I'm actually programming a robot in my electronics class :)
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  4. I'm actually working to bring together a team for the next DARPA challenge at the moment. Anyone who sees this who has relevant interests/qualifications is welcome to talk to me about joining :) I especially need a few good programmers
  5. This is the next stage of evolution. Robots are going to take over the world, and the only ones to survive? That's right, programmers. I implore everyone to go out and get a MySql, Php (insert more programming languages here), book, and get to work on readying yourself.

    Zombiepocolypse? Pfft. Robopocolypse!
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  6. What programming language? I'm working with PBASIC 2.5 right now.
  7. The hardware you're working with are Stamps, then?
  8. Yessir.
    This is what were working on:

    Most of the class is just learning the codes and such while I'm already writing the programming for the IR sensors to function correctly.
  9. Never tried a platform like that although I was looking closely at Vex Robotics products at one time. I've mostly done ground up stuff with Microchip's processors on my own as a hobby. I dabbled with TI's Launchpad a little bit last year too but have been too busy Minecrafting lately to do much more than that.

    Here's a few pictures of some of my projects. Slip_Stream, I hope you don't mind?

    A small robot I was working on before I discovered Mincraft:

    First project I ever did:

    Did this POV Toy last year:
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  10. Nah. I don't mind you sharing your projects. I encourage these type of posts. It could lead to someone being able to help you with any problems that you may come across when developing your robots.

    Your first robot looks interesting! Looks like if you added a weapon to that robot you could enter robot wars challenge like the ones on t.v. I forget the name of that show that had teams develop robots then have them fight to the death in a ring...
  11. Lol I have an internship at boston dynamics I wanna work there as the SW designer and I also use vex at my school we are programming right now a infared program for our robots its pretty sweet
  12. I would love to help you out
  13. Wait, so you live in CA and have an internship in boston as a high school student? Skills. How'd you get the Boston Dynamics one? I didn't even know they did internships.

    And it'd be great if you could help if it works out :)
  14. Great video! I've seen alot of really great robots in my day.
  15. I wouldnt trust tcle.... he made up a bunch of rubish to me in a pm on the site... saying he works for PJD and nasa... what a lier...
  16. My proud lifelong achievement------------Last year we had a contest about designing a robot that could sort out 3 different types of materials glass steel and marble and ours won engineering teacher-im his best student had a 100 percent in the class since freshman year-submitted my design to boston dynamics ,it was a little contest through like 3 schools and mine won again -my teacher has designed multiple patents for various items around the world Ex the taco machine at taco bell that was him the soda machine that was him the commercial grade blender for juice it up that was him -and then me my teacher and boston dynamics all got together via. Skype and we started talking about my future what I want to do and future goals etc. -also the principle was there...-so while we were skyping they offered me an internship to lear the tools of the trade except I already new a lot so they put me with the lead mechanical design engineer-so ever since january I've been gaining knowledge daily except when my computer took a dump-and I would love to help program

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  17. Great job! :)
  18. Thanks
  19. Oh wait. I thought you worked for jpd and nasa and were earning 300 + bucks an hour. Hah, what a lier....
  20. You actually believed him?