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  1. Anyone play it?
  2. nope, we all play this! :)
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  3. Na, Minecraft is so much better than roblox
  4. I personally think it's a horrible game. There's way too many annoying eight-year-olds, and half of the players are guests or people who can't even hear others because they didn't do the smart thing and lie about their age. And a lot of people just use their OBC for bragging rights. It's a horrible place because of the community. Thankfully, EMC isn't that way.

    (And I forgot to mention, there are NO MODERATORS. It's a very sad place, in hindsight. This is coming from someone who had Builders Club for a while.)
  5. Lamo deleting post
  6. Deplorable sewage waste+internet+blocks+dumb peaople=roblox?
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  7. I dont play it much anymore. I only liked this steampunk guys places and orther stuff cool.:mad:8 YEAR OLDS. I met a nice hacker who gave me a sword though. I killed people on a roleplay game !:p
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  8. there was moderators becaus I got into a fight with one yet never got banned. Didnt have full power!
  9. I used to play roblox, but it was very VERY boring so i quitted. I think i played it for few hours untill i rage quitted :)
  10. I played when I was a little kid. Then Minecraft came out and I was like, "Screw Roblox! There's a new block in town!" ;)
  11. I never really played it for any stretch of time, but my Brother did. (My OLDER brother, at that)

    Somehow he spent like 60 dollars on the game and sold all his virtual junk for like, $400. He bought me a straw.
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  12. "Someone I know made lots of money in Roblox, and all I got was this straw."

    Kinda like those "Someone I know went to _____ and all I got was this mug/shirt" thing xD
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  13. Could....could someone explain to me the dynamics of Roblox economics?
  14. BEING SOMEONE WHO HAD BC AND TBC ON ROBLOX.... let me try to explain it.

    The Economy on Roblox is ran by people with BC, TBC, and OBC. Every little thing is over priced, so all the people who CAN sell limited items (NOT NORMAL PLAYERS....) get rich fast, well the NBC (Non builders club) who are the ones who seem to make the best games and such, get NOTHING. And that, my friends, is how the economy on Roblox works.

    Also, I only use it now to troll.

    *Edit* I also got perm banned on it for saying drugs....
  15. I think Minecraft is much better. I know someone who plays it, though.....
  16. After reading all these posts, im very glad i have never played it.
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  17. Replace Roblox with Club Penguin, BC/TBC/OBC with members, and NBC with non-members, and you have Club Penguin in a nutshell!

    You should be. If you want to try it, slap yourself across the face with a porkchop and wake up. :)

    I. HATE. MASSIVELY. MULTIPLAYER. GAMES. (Except Minecraft, of course.)
  18. I have recently started play Runescape a little bit again, and nothing much has changed. There are still lots of rich non-members. Only thing that has changed is a few new features and graphics. If you want to play another MMORPG, try Runescape.
  19. you guys are listing very weird MMO's if you consider these to be real ones... i mean.. club penguin? :p Anyways, there are many good MMO's out there. Some that I would personally say are better than minecraft IMO... and alot of them are free to play. I mean, I do not know what MMOs you have played, but if your experience is minecraft, roblox and club penguin, then you need some diversity :p. Thats like saying the only cookies I have ever had are Oatmeal Raisin, Burnt Oatmeal raisin, and a sugar cookie. My favorite is the sugar cookie, but Im not going to say I hate all other cookies just because the three I have tried, who knows when I will find my Chocolate Chip :p. (Just in case I lost someone, the cookies are an analogy, I have had many different kinds of cookies)