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  1. Today, I was robbed. However, I wasn't robbed by a person. No, no, no, definitely a person. I was robbed by the server. What do I mean? I mean I was robbed by lag. I recently won kevdudeman's auction for a double chest of nether brick. I payed 10k for it. I transferred the stuff to my res, and then I left for my second res to go harvest my wheat. Upon return to my main res, I notice that the double chest of nether brick was gone. I relogged, still gone. I immediately got Kev, and he checked all around his res's, hoping that it'd turn up. Nope. I was robbed by the lag. Its not the 10k I care about, I can get that back easily, what I care about is the nether brick. It's unfair to me, since I payed so much for it, and also Kev, who took the time to harvest it, and auction it off. Nether brick isn't that valuable. In fact, if I actually felt like taking the time to harvest it, I'd get a double chest easily. The thing I do care about however, is the fact that this can happen again. Maybe not with nether brick, but even more valuable items, such as diamonds, emeralds, enchanted equipment, ect. Just knowing that lag can get rid of your stuff, bothers me. When me and Kev were looking, he told me he lost a stack of diamond ore blocks. A STACK. Do you know how long it must've taken him to harvest it/how much money it took for him to buy it? How is that fair? All that work/money, just gone? It's not fair.
  2. Your right it's not fair but the mods did say and i quote
    "Until then, we recommend playing it cool for a bit with things. Try not to do any major item moves during this time. For example, don't break full chests on the ground so you can grab them and move them to another one. Try not to make any major purchases that you can't afford to really lose should Minecraft go glitchy for whatever reason.

    Unfortunately, since we can't log every single item movement, there's no way for us to verify what was and wasn't lost so as a policy we've always had, we don't give out items due to game glitches that might occur to be fair. While I know this does suck, it's to prevent the players who would take advantage and claim items were lost when they really weren't. We don't even give staff items that were lost, out of complete fairness.

    We will update you as soon as we know that a more stable version is being run on the servers. We're keeping an eye on the updates so we can apply them asap when we know one exists. "
  3. It's not lag, it's a bug with the residence plugin. I say don't store anything valuable in your res chests until these 1.3 bugs are fixed.
  4. Same thing happpened to me i lost a stack of diamond ore
  5. I never said I wanted the items back, I was just talking about it and seeing if anyone else had something to add to the topic. I understand I won't get the items back, I'm just pointing it out, and seeing if other people had the problem.
    I'm 90% it was lag, cause I also lost a lot of work I did on my res as well. But then again, that could also be a bug with the plugin. I'm not good with this technical stuff ;)
  6. I made a 60x60 sugar cane farm, I got rolled back.
    I had 20diamond picks, I lost them via chest-glitch I assume.
    I had 3enchanted pickaxes, I lost them via chest-glitch.

    Stupid 1.3 :D
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  7. I think that they are rolling back time. Like they are saving the map every x amount of time and rolling back if something happens cause i lost work on my res too...... But ya everyone is feeling this across every server. Ok ill back down and let your thread roll :D
  8. Trust me, I own my own craftbukkit++ server, I've been programming with java for about a year and i've been game programming for 3 years.
  9. Ikr.
    Lol, sorry if I came across as a total jerk before. I didn't mean to come across as that. Sorry :p, just a bit mad.
    Oh dang, so you know what you're talking about xD
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  10. Or the map could end up corrupted and they're rolling it back.
  11. That'd be nice...
  12. I lost a lot of Emerald Ore too.
    I had just come back from my 14 hour mining trip and I put it in my vault.
    I went on smp1 and D: NO emerald ore!!!
  13. I am reclaiming my res for the race plaza.... and when I unclaimed the res it only unclaimed half of it (half of it is still there) but of course I don't have perms..... weird
  14. Sucks.
    Thats quite interesting.

    Also, after much searching around, I also lost a set of Protection IV Diamond Armor, with Featherfalling IV, Aqua Affinity I, and Respiration III. -.-
  15. I don't think "robbed" is really the right word for it, more "lost".
  16. Too late to change it now :p
  17. Only a suggestion, though.
  18. Like I have had to mention many times before. Its not 1.3.1, no other mention of these problems like items disappearing/duplicating or pistons/furnaces/brewing stands not working on any other servers that I can find. So its obviously localized to emc.
  19. Like the one really smart programming guy said above, apparently its a glitch with the residence plugin, which I'm pretty sure EMC codes all their plugins, so that must be why its localized to EMC.
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  20. Pokedude leave me a access chest at your lot and I can give you some really good stuff to make up for what you lost. Its worth 10,000r.