RMS Titanic

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  1. well, good news & bad news.

    Good news is that I started flattening out the underwater area for the Titanic build. I'm installing the conduit network underneath where the Titanic will be, with enough room for it to still be built underwater.

    Bad news is that I scoped out the stern area (on the Live Map) to see what kind of work was gonna need to be done. There's at least an island in the way that'll need to go (not sure what's beyond it, since it's blacked out past said island).

    However, I did discover an Ocean Monument very close to the build site, so I'll probably convert it into a Guardian XP farm.
  2. damn, haven't been here for a while.

    To be honest, kinda lost the drive to work on the Titanic after my mom had passed back around Thanksgiving 2022. Didn't lose the drive to play Minecraft, though (went over to Technoblade's old 'public' home server Hypixel for a while). However, I'm getting back (albeit slowly) into the swing of things and should be getting back to the Titanic construction before too long.
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  3. qestion out of curiosety will this be a copy of the ship under water or will it be like a copy of scans of the ship on the sea bottem like the debries
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  4. Neither! As you can see by the tutorials linked in the OP, the build will be of an intact Titanic, but as you can see from this post, it will be built on the water, not under it. :)
  5. ok tanks but i wanted to say 1 thing

    since its the titanic it would be rilly fun if u put some player at the front like the cine where Leonardo dicaproio is at the point of the boat i dont know a good combination but for exsample
    i dont know like a rilly silly duo
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