Riddle of the Day!

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  1. Hello peoples

    So I wanted to start something cool, and while I was making my riddle book for my book store, I thought of doing a riddle of the day thing. I mean I AM on spring break so yeah. Also if you want YOUR riddle to be the riddle of the day, post it on my profile and if I like it, it will be the riddle of the day!
    Also the riddles have to be clean and stuff. k gud

    Also to make it more fun, you guys will have to try and answer it during the day, and the first one to get it right wins, 50 rupees!


    What is bigger than you, but weighs nothing?
  2. Your shadow :)
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  3. Correct lol that was fast. 50r coming your way!
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  4. Technically air is also correct.
  5. Well, yes, but it wasnt the answer I had :p
  6. Air is heavier than you might think.
  7. Sorry to be like this, but it all depends on the sun to say how big the shadow is.
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  8. Air has weight. 11 Newtons per cubic meter, if I recall correctly.
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