Rhy's 1600th Day AMA!

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  1. I will answer anything, as long as it's not my IRL name, anything relating to where I live, or account details.

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  2. Because smp8.
  3. Who would your favorite fusion be from Steven Universe?
    And what is dream vacation to?
  4. Why is you name FacePalmRhy
  5. i already know the answer, but...
    from 1-7, how much smp8 is in you?

    andasite, diorite or granite?
    old lava, or new lava?
    silk or fortune?
    do you like fishing in game?
  6. How are you so good at fantasy football?
  7. is dufmically real?
    do you support qkazoochin?
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  8. Sardonyx, although this is easily the best song.
    Probably to wherever the picture on my school laptop lock screen is. :p
    It was Rhythmically because that sounds cool, but Hash told me to change it to FacepalmRhy, so I did. :p
    8, Andesite, New, Silk, Sort of.
    My grandpa is retired, and he makes it his personal goal for me to be not trash at it. :p
    No, no, and, uh, no.
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  9. Can I have your head? Lol :p jk.. or am i?

    Thinking about hosting any events? If so what type?

    Favorite emc event?

    Any pet peeves?

    Top 5 things that make you happy?

    Edit: forgot to say happy Emciversary! ☆▪☆
  10. :confused:
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  11. 5k, Possibly a sheep marble race, either Hole in one or Stairway to heaven, People who think they're cool and really aren't along with people biting their nails, and EMC, tennis, my dog, sleep, and weekends/days off from school. :)
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  12. Could You change It to 'RhyTheGhastLover' or 'Ghastlover'
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  13. Uhm, no.
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  14. Psst... heard you sere dufnes friend, why she backwards?
  15. Anything? (the noted exceptions excluded) I wouldn't be so sure about that...

    You might be backwards.
  16. Rainbow unicorns or rainbow ghasts?
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  18. What is your favorite Holiday celebrated on EMC ?
  19. Congratulations on 1600 days FacepalmRhy. :)
  20. Congrats! Why are you an egg?