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  1. Hello EMC

    I've been working on a new shop on Smp8 (16460) and wanted to draw it some attention.
    The shop is still a work in progress but there are already many items available for sale.
    I have attempted to price things at average market values but if you find anything that I have set way off please let me know.
    Please note that this is a buy AND sell shop so feel free to sell your items here as well as it will help keep stock up.
    I will be stocking as much as I can over the next little while and will begin adding additional sections for rarer items as I can.

    Hope to see you all there :)

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  2. Bump since this got shoved down the queue so quickly :)
  3. I like the simple look of it. Some of the massive malls with a dozen floors require too much running to find stuff.
  4. I have tried to keep the design user friendly but it's hard to fit all the stuff that the multi floor malls have :)
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