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  1. Hi gang!

    When it comes to Minecraft I'm mostly redstone oriented. Not saying that I can't enjoy other stuff, I also enjoy long mining sessions, but in the end I really enjoy tinkering with redstone the most. Thing is; redstone can only do so much for you. If you're in a single player world (or your own server) and need to do a little bit more while still trying to stay true to vanilla then you have only one other alternative: the commandblock.

    My redstone world spawn, visible are 2 command blocks...

    If you never heard of this then don't worry: that's probably because the command block isn't part of the regular Minecraft inventory. If you're in creative and search in the available block list then you won't find this one. The only way to get it is by using a command: /give @p command_block. And that will only work if you enabled 'cheats'.

    If you didn't enable cheats in your single player world then don't worry, there is a (temporary) way around this. Simply pause the game (click escape), select 'Open to LAN' and then make sure to allow cheats. Then start your LAN world and you'll end up in the same world as before, but this time you can use all those cool commands. And don't worry: these cheats only work during your LAN session. So if you load your game at a later time you'll be back to no cheating.

    So what can you do with a command block you may wonder? Well, as the name implies: make it execute commands.

    For example; if you check the picture above you'll see a command block on the right side (in the ground). If I click the button on top it'll empty my inventory and give me all the items which I currently have. And when I activate the command block on the left I get teleported to another location.

    And that's what I'd like to talk about here...


    Now, before I continue let me make one thing very clear here: I know my way around command blocks, I know how to 'nest' commands and I'm roughly familiar with adding extra information such as NBT tags, but that's also nearing the limit of my expertise here. The only reason I came across all this was because I was reading up on command blocks a bit to learn what other stuff I could do with them (also because they've been enhanced in 1.9).

    IJAMinecraft is a player who has studied command blocks quite heavily and started coding command block 'programs' which can generate command block machines. These machines then allow you to do pretty special stuff and all in a vanilla world.

    Herobrine statue generator

    IjaMinecraft has developed a whole bunch of command block programs which allow you to do some pretty amazing things. Here I've placed a command block, copy/pasted the Herobrine statue command into it and then activated the command block by placing a redstone block next to it (easiest way). After doing that the block actually builds a whole command block 'machine' which can be seen above. And that machine allows you to do some pretty amazing things.

    Here are the instructions, nicely placed on the machine itself. Notice that you can also easily remove the machine if you no longer want it? That is the main reason why I'm sharing all this: because no matter how much clutter you make in your world you'll always be able to clean it up *

    If you right click the left sign you'll get a villager egg and a block of coal. Spawn the villager, throw the coal at him (just press the drop button while standing near the villager) and wham: you'll get the herobrine shop:

    For 'only' 10 gold blocks and 1 nether star this villager will allow you to purchase the Herobrine statue generator. It's actually an enchanted spawn egg which, when used, will generate a pretty special statue of Herobrine. The statue also has a effect area; everyone standing inside this area will gain the strength effect for 10 minutes. Long before lingering potions even existed ;)

    Herobrine statue

    A small warning: if you want to get rid of the herobrine statue and you start removing blocks or trying to /fill the area with air blocks then you'll be disappointed. In order to remove the statue you'll need to break the bottom blocks which will reveal a black glass block. Break that block (make sure that the command block machine is still active!) and the statue will be "eggified" (you'll get the initial spawn egg back).

    Breaking the bottom block will remove the statue

    And this is but one example; IJAMinecraft has a whole collection of very cool command block 'programs' which you can use in your own world. Ranging from dungeon generators (which include a large bunch of spawners and pretty weird monsters), town or village generators (the latter even spawn villagers in) right down to a vanilla version of the very well known lucky block mod. That's right: playing with lucky blocks within a pure vanilla world.

    Apart from a whole dose of fun I also think this is excellent stuff if you're trying to learn a bit more about command blocks like I am. Reading up on theory is good and all, but nothing beats playing and studying actually working examples (until playing starts to gobble up more time than studying of course :D).

    You can find IJAMinecraft's website here, that will also direct you to all the other stuff, such as his youtube channel and all.

    Finally some things to keep in mind:

    * Some command block machines generate static structures, obviously those would need to be cleaned up manually....

    Second: keep in mind that most command block machines constantly try to keep track of your actions. So the more you place in your world the more lag you'll eventually generate. If your computer isn't very high end then I'd advice you to stick with one machine at a time.

    Last: also keep in mind that the command block 'machine' takes up quite a bit of space. So pay attention to your surroundings before you spawn such a machine.
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  2. Cool. You should check out some of the things that Dragnoz makes, and Logdotzip also reviews "Only One Command" machines and "Vanilla Mods". A lot of them are amazing, such as the "Giant Dragon in Vanilla Minecraft, OOC". Search it. ;)
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