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  1. Hello all,
    The last week or so i have been doing a lot of crazy stuff and have been offered some great things, now i have been active in the comunity for about 4 months and i have really loved it even to this day.
    But as the year progresses also does everything around my life and its time to do other stuff.
    So this is my thread for saying goodbye, i will be leaving the server of empire minecraft(ill try and check the forums daily).
    I am leaving for several reasons:
    1. school is busy and i want to go to the next year with good grades.
    2. I want to restart my youtube channel
    3. Start producing a small android game

    Now as you can see all three of the reasons take a lot of energy to acomplish and thats why i cant be also active on the minecraft server as well.

    I have made many friends in the time that i have been online and i hope they all see this thread.
    Also i hope that Empire minecraft, the server that gave me a bunch of new friends will keep on growing and keep on giving other people friends as well!

    So hereby i want to say, i had a great time with a lot of funny moments and meeningfull times and i met a load of great people, im gonna miss you all and ill miss the play your way mechanic!

    Thanks for a great time!
    Best regards,
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  2. I will give all my items away to my close friends but also to every other player that is interested
  3. Are goodbye threads still not allowed? If so, this isn't allowed :p

    But anyways, sorry to see you leave! We've never really talked or met but I'm sure you're great :) Be sure to pop on from time to time and say hi (especially to me <3)
  4. Thanks!

    Sorry if it isnt allowed:oops:
    And ill see if i can pop on sometime, but it wont be much or long :)
  5. Wish you luck in all your future undertakings, especially school as it is the most important one. Have fun in what ever you do and come back when you can. :)
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  6. Good luck in school and with all your goals in life! :)
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  7. Good luck and have fun in your future endeavours, Bandoro! I'll miss seeing you around!
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  8. Thank you very much, and school is indeed the most important goal!

    Thank you!

    Thank you, and ill miss being around;)
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