Reverse Trolling Weekend.

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Will you Reverse Troll With Seffy?

Yes! Haha! Sounds like Fun! 12 vote(s) 63.2%
No, Too Busy/ Apathetic/ Hate you/ Poor 5 vote(s) 26.3%
No, Instead I will be Trolling Even Harder! 2 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. This is kind of more of a challenge then a real event. (That is my disclaimer if someone wants to argue with me)
    This Weekend, the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of September I challenge you guys to make some beneficial stuff for folks in town or in the wild.

    Things that are acceptable to do:
    Make stuff that benefits people.
    Distribute Said stuff.
    Collaborate with friends.

    Things that are not acceptable to do:
    Build in people's area (in the wild or if you have permission on their res)
    Take stuff from people you reverse troll (at that point it is not a reverse troll)
    Ask for Donations or Compensation (before or after)
    Take credit for other people's Reverse Trolls

    What will Seffy do for her Reverse troll? Cake Bombs, Cake Bombs Everywhere. (also Probably tool Bombing.)

    Anyways, the actual event part will be on Monday, when I want you guys to Post Pictures of what you did.

    Secondary Disclaimer: If you feel you are not able to Reverse Troll for whatever reason, please, please, PLEASE do not force people to do it for you or on your behalf. That is SUPER Not Cool!
    Addendum: This is also known as Reverse Greifing.
  2. Ummm, randomly being nice to people?
    I don't see why not! :D
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  3. What do you mean by reverse trolling?
  4. Step one of reverse trolling: Gather things that help people in any way (tools, food, resources that people think are hard to get but you have oodles of and you really don't need)
    Step two: Randomly Distribute said Things to people for fun and not profit.
  5. I think it's basically the opposite of trolling

    So instead of trolling (being mean, greifing ect)
    You be nice (be kind, build helpful things, giveaway free stuff ect)

    I for one, think this is a great idea
    Wood for everyone :p
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  6. Sounds like a great idea!
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  7. Woo! Woo Twice!
  8. Now that I think about it you could also start a nice conversation with someone about something.
  9. I can try :)
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  10. In my defense, as a troll, I find it difficult to complete this task.
  11. Fair Enough Pie. Fair Enough.
    What about Reverse Greifing? (re-wording things sometimes makes them more palatable, I find...)
  12. Sounds like fun. Helping people isn't too much to ask!
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  13. You don't even really have to help people. you could just walk up to them and scream "Here Is Some Cake!" And then drop the cake and run.
    The silliness really makes it what it is.
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  14. In my opinion, the best she would do is throw explosive pies everywhere...
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  15. I can see it now Ironicness Everywhere!!!

    A.K.A I will help (mind if i record it for YouTube?)
  16. Record all you want, just so long as you post it on/ around Monday.
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  17. Hmm... I believe i will participate in this dispicable behaviour... Now all i need is a potato gun...
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  18. Ehm... I could spare some reasonably valuable stuff. Coal, redstone, lapis. Probably going to try to sneak up on people and dump a random diamond into their inventory.
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  19. Hmm I was going to auction that iron armor, but this is tempting
  20. You don't have to give away valuable stuff. Just stuff you are willing to lose and might be useful.