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  1. ////\\\\////\\\\////\\\\////\\\\////\\\\////\\\\////
  2. Surely someone has that shiny wire to sell?
  3. Starting Offer increased to 10k...
  4. Why not... 10,000r
  5. 11k
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  6. This is a reverse auction
  7. Some people don't get it :p I think I might have some... I'll give you 9500 if I have it.
  8. Is this a bid or not? I'm a bit lost. :confused:
  9. I have some 9400
  10. It was a bid, but it seems that I have lost my redstone :/, Sorry
  11. Access chest set up at 16094 (my 1st res) on smp8. And Paid :)
  12. Thanks
  13. you only put a sc in so i cant fill it up
  14. Convert them to redstone blocks
  15. Oh yeah dumb moment :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.