{Reverse Auction} DC of Spruce Logs

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  1. Item~ DC of Spruce Logs
    Starting Bid~ 10K
    Minimum Bid Decrease of~ 1K
    Auction End Time 48 Hours after Last Valid Bid
    Expected Delivery Time~ 72 Hours after you have won

    Happy Reverse Bidding :)

  2. Morning bump Will pickle get away will charging me 8k for a dc of spruce logs? Find out when its over
  3. Bump how would a carrot have logs it is only a carrot :)
  4. So I graft myself into one and turn into a Carrot Tree
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  5. ah your a special carrot
  6. Midnight bump elfincarrot still in the lead with 7k
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  7. Morning Bump will elfincarrot get away with it?
  8. Another bum in about 1 day and 3 hours in no one else can beat elfincarrot the price of 7k will stand
  9. Bump less then a day left to beat elfincarrot
  10. Only 3 hours left until elfincarrot wins can you go lower than 7k?
  11. The auction is closed waiting for elfincarrot to contact me saying the pickup place is ready then payment will be sent
  12. I'll send the money sometime around today.
  13. You mean ill send the money? It was a reverse auction meaning i was looking to buy spruce wood.
  14. awaiting confirmation of completed transactions before moving this along. GeneralWillikers & Elfincarrot please see the pm I've sent. Thank you & congratz to you both. =]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.