[Reverse Auction] DC of obsidian

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  1. DC of obsidian
    Ending 7 days from now!
    Starting price 150,000
    Minimum bid decrease 1000r

    -the dark side needs this!
  2. How long do we have to get it all?
  3. 150k And it's ready to go.
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  4. Directly from the reverse auction rules:
    • Do not bid on items that you cannot supply at the time of bidding. This includes having active bids open on other reverse auctions that would bring your total number of items involved below what is necessary on another reverse auction.
    So you don't have any time to collect the items after you place a bid. If you are going to bid, you must already have the items ready for the reverse auction host. :)
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  5. Ty PenguinDJ but he did not make a bid of any kind in his post, are you making a bid? I did not respond in this thread as it would bump this thread prematurely so we talked in pm.
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