[REVERSE AUCTION]5 Enchanted Pickaxes

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  1. Item: 5 Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes with UNB3 and EFF5 ***ALL PICKS MUST BE UNUSED AND NEVER REPAIRED**
    Start Bid: 25,000r (5,000r per pick start bid, if this is too low buy price let me know)
    Minimal Bid Decrease: 666r
    Ends: 12 Hours after last valid bid
    Delivery: I expect items to be mailed within 48 hours of my payment
  2. why can't they have never been repaired?
  3. Increased repair costs.
  4. Unused is not the only factor in initial repair costs at the moment. Craftsmanship is a factor too. A pick made from an single original Unb III Eff V book will have a lower repair cost than a pick of the same type made from multiple lower level enchanted books to bring it to the level desired. The more books used to make the item the higher the initial repair cost. Combining books first then applying them still result in the increased initial repair cost.
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  5. I am okay by what materials it is made from, I just want a lower than 39 repair cost when I first get the item. :)
  6. If i combine eff 4 unbreaking 3 and a eff 4 is it ok? or will that make the repair cost too much
  7. I dont care :)
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