[Reverse Auction] 1000 DCs of Lava Buckets

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  1. Item: 1000 double chests of lava buckets

    Starting Bid: 1,080,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 1000 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Expected Delivery Time: As you like - from 50 DCs per week to 100 DCs per day is all possible! The temporary storage is 150 DCs large.

    The idea behind this auction is to collect lava at the wnether and bring it to my res at utopia. Collecting lava is easy: go to wnether where lava is near the save zone. Put 36 buckets in your inventory and fill them up. Then go back to save zone and put them in your vault. This will take about a minute for 36 buckets.

    When your vault is full bring them to my utopia res and sell them for 20r per bucket. One click = 36 buckets = 36 * 20 rupees. 1000 DCs are 1500 inventories of 36 buckets. 1500 * 36 * 20 = 1,080,000 rupees. You can bring your own buckets or buy it very cheap at my res for 5r.

    This makes you a millionaire with some hours of work. Have fun bidding here.
  2. Should this not be a selling thread since we are selling them to you at the chests or are you also paying 1 million once completed.
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  3. This is not a valid auction as per these rules
    You are more-so asking for services to be rendered rather than a reverse auction
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