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  1. 1 DC of bones
    Starting bid: 20k
    Minimum bid decrease: 500r
    Auction ends: 24 hours after last VALID bid
    I need the bones by 3 days after the auction ends
  2. 18,500
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  3. I believe I have won for 12k. I can deliver if you set up an access chest and tell me where.
  4. You have, sorry I have been very busy with schoolwork, I will pay and pick up/set up a chest as soon as I can get on
  5. What SMP?
  6. 3
  7. Ok, I can drop off tonight if you have an access chest set up.
  8. Vault is loaded & ready to go. Let me know when you have an access chest set up.
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  9. I can get on for a brief moment later this afternoon around 3:30-4 if you wanna head over during then, EMC time btw
  10. Sorry, I'll be working. If you just place a double chest with an access sign I can just drop the bones off later this evening.
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  11. Alright, I am on now and I just set up an access chest at "/v 7180 surface"
  12. Thank you for the payment, I will deliver them a little later this evening
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  13. Delivered. Pleasure doing business with you sir. Let me know if you ever need more.
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