[REVAMPED] Share The Love Act.

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  1. Hey All! Well, as you can guess by the title, I'm continuing the Share The Love Act:
    Basically, this is how it works; your goal is to Every day cheer someone/Help them with something, I'm not asking for signatures, this is not a competition.
    If you miss a day, try your best to make it up the next day by helping two people!

    Around the world, 3000 people commit suicide each day.
    Every 30 seconds, someone suicides and shatters their family & friends lives.
    I know this isn't minecraft related, but it's important.
    Nearly every person is bullied in their life,
    many feel worthless because they aren't shown compassion,
    or society's standards as a person.

    Everybody is beautiful, it's all about your perception.
  2. I like to make people laugh, it brings joy to me and to them.

    I do it daily, so I assume that I am helping people?
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  3. Yes! That's perfect. Just keep doing what you're doing <3
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  4. The first few minutes are comedy but around 20-30 mins it gets serious its sad but i love it <3 <3
    please watch the whole video it is long but it will really change your life (if not a lot it will at least change a little)
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  5. This is utterly beautiful Metros!
    I think it is a wonderful thing to share and hope everyone takes something from it!
    Keep up the good work!

    The <3 Army!
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  6. This is a fab idea ^_^ Even if I'm having a bad day, making someone else smile will make my bad a little bit better, im all for doing this!
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