Revamped promo price thread!

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by Burki, May 18, 2019.

  1. No, she's a nub :I
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  2. Waiting a bit on the PPP stuff since it's way too early to put a price on it
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  3. I did get a Turfinator it the PPP Event.
  4. ok

    300k or so seems fine for now (I hope :p)
  5. Usually the 64 amount items settle around 350-500k. The Dancing boots with only 10 released could likely have a price tag of many millions.
  6. Highest offer I got for mine was at 1.8m on the spot but I am sure they’re going to go higher :p
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  7. Should be like Max Boots at some point since same amount was released. Just not as much since some got lost.
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  8. do 2014 headless horseman masks stack? need to know if i got lowballed or not
  9. they only stack when they have never been used to get haunted candy
  10. After actually going back and seeing the prices for everything. I'm not too sure if this is an okay place to post this but I do have a 2013 Haunted Head i'm willing to sell. *unused
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  12. Absolutely. I am interested in all staff and player books for a library.
    Please reply to my PM if we can make a deal :)
  13. Missing is the Aikar signed book "Happy New Years from Aikar". Can't find the price anywhere
  14. Which year?
  15. I believe the same amount of books and heads were dropped so usually the price would be about the same. The heads go for 800k.
    • (2017) New Year Aikar Head: 800k rupees
  16. I'm waiting on the 2019 New Years Kryssy Head. I heard 64 are out there
  17. And the PPP prices are live :) Not many auctions/sales to base it off though
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  18. Not sure if this is helpful, but I've been seriously offered 3mil for the boots. So they're up there.
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