Returning to EMC - Formerley known as AlarmGoesBeep

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  1. Hows it going everyone, as I am now back at school I have to spend a lot of time on my laptop due to Coursework and other projects, some of you may remember me as AlarmGoesBeep. Majority do.

    As I am now free and have a few hours to burn I would like to reintroduce my self to the world of EMC. I am now over 1000 days old on EMC, don't know if this is a large milestone or not but I am proud to have been part of this community for so long.

    I sort of grew out of Minecraft and smaller games due to school work and just my job in general but now I sort of miss this community and how many good memories I had playing on here and I wish to recreate more memories and have more fun times with everyone new and old on here.

    I am now back to re-start my EMC career, I have a few things semi set up and a few projects I wish to finish and get back on track and become a super power with a few of my business Ideas. I feel as if there are a few businesses that EMC need that people would benefit so much from and enjoy.

    Maybe a return of Alarms Bulk Service, Red stone Service and many other Ideas.

    Minecraft is expanding so I do feel that I can expand the world of EMC.

    Yours, Steven/Alarm
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  2. Welcome Back! :)
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  3. Hi Steven88x. Welcome back. :)
  4. Welcome back! I do remember so parts of your name. :)
  5. Welcome back :) I know I used your service before :D
  6. Welcome back... again :) I seem to recall a previous post where you still used your old nickname. Nice to see you're back, welcome back to smp2 as well and I hope you'll be enjoying yourself!
  7. Welcome Back Steven :D
  8. Hey!
    Welcome Back :)
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