Returning Items picked up to the rightful owner, even while offline.

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  1. I searched the site for a while and couldn't find an answer. I accidentally wandered into another players chicken coup and picked up almost 3 stacks of eggs. I saw several more stacks in the coup but the fact that the coup belongs to another player, therefore so do the eggs I picked up, I was wondering how I can return them to the player in question when they are not online?
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  2. So kind!! But no one will know who you got them from. Its just a simple mistake you wont be banned for it. Not like anyone else hasn't done it
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  3. 1. Wait for him to get online
    2. Throw them in the floor again.
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  4. nfell2009, I'm not so concerned about being banned for it but my own conscience ways in on me and as a member of the empire society I like to do my part to help. I'm not so concerned with the eggs, the chickens will probably lay a bunch more and he/she will not even realize, but what if I come across something more valuable on their land such as a diamond sword for instance. Really I'm just curious at what I can do.
    I just thought of a solution, allow a player to create a store in which any player can "sell" any item into it for free. I don't expect that to be created in the future if it hasn't been created but I prefer to at the very least attempt to return items that aren't rightfully mine.
  5. Keep the eggs for now, type /res info to see who owns the res. PM them on the forums/in-game (if you encounter them) and tell them that you have some eggs you wish to return that you picked up while on their res. I'm sure they would appreciate your kind gesture and gladly accept them back, or tell you to keep them. Hope this helps. :)
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  6. If you stole something major than I would agree find them but its eggs! They will properly go:
    Keep them.
  7. Dude, don't discourage him. It's a good deed. We need more people like him around EMC.
  8. The person could have got the eggs by waiting around for 30 seconds or so, It's not like you were taking there diamonds, Don't worry about it.
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  9. Its eggs! Like Josh said not diamonds etc Im not discouraging him, i'm praising him for his efforts but he doesn't have to worry about being banned/punished. If anything it may have stopped some lag in that chunk, we know what chickens can do to cause trouble with large numbers and then giving you more of them.
  10. lol its just some eggs
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  11. Good job on getting liked by IcecreamCow!
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