Restore the Frontier Campaign

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Do you honestly think this will work and we can change the Wilderness?

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Yes, of course! It's a good idea. 7 vote(s) 33.3%
Yes, I hope so. I like this idea. 5 vote(s) 23.8%
No, I think it will end as soon as it starts. Not the best idea. 4 vote(s) 19.0%
No, I don't think that this will fix anything. Bad idea. 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Who cares? It's for fun; isn't it? 3 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hello my fellow Empirites! Now, obviously before the wastelands were introduced the Wilderness Frontier was our main source of resources. However, now that we need not demolish it any longer; it's been left looking like the wastelands.

    I'm not sure how we're supposed to enjoy this, or spawn mobs here, or really do anything in this at all. It's our fault; and we've got to fix it.
    I'm introducing the Restore The Wilderness Frontier Campaign, or RWC. Basically, bring dirt and stone and sandstone and saplings--and fix it up a bit. We want to keep the wilderness we've had for years; for nostalgic reasons.
    Aikar had also announced he wants to make it possible to purchase land in the wilderness. How am I supposed to make a vacation home if the ground in flooded and 100 blocks below water level?!
    We should be able to go back there and see what fine places it can offer, not the place it's become.
    So let's launch this! Reply to join; basically this won't be a very serious protect; just to help out and mainly for fun.
    We just go to the Wilderness on each server occasionally and help out there. Fill in holes, spawn animals, plant trees, etc.
    Yup, it's a bit of a parody of what we've done to our actual earth today. But hey; why can't this be fun? So let's do it! Whenever other people in the project are online, head to The frontier and make it gorgeous again.

    As aforementioned above; this is something of a joke/ for fun and does NOT have to be taken too seriously. No meetings or negotiations (unless you want to) just getting rid of extra dirt and stone and helping ourselves for a better future when updates that utilize the Frontier come.
    Thanks :)
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  2. Examples of the utter garbage the frontier has become.

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  3. 2014-02-14_13.21.22.png
    This is wilderness?
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  4. EDIT : Misunderstood the OP, I think a wilderness reset would be easier since the stuff will be gone. We've done this before but it is always reverted sadly.
  5. If you need help I can help, I can only donate dirt though.
  6. I really like this idea. Being a builder I like landscapes to look good. Sadly however there are those people who do not care for the landscape and simply only have the intention of watching the world burn.

    Ima donate some stuff.
  7. Personally, I wish the Sr. Staff and others who have access to world edit would make the wild entrances, beautiful.
    I'm pretty experienced with doing this using WE and well, it is fun, relaxing, and well feels kind of cool.
    *Just an idea.
    Other than that, this idea is actually real cool and I wish you the best of luck, however due to the "No Grief" policy you might need to get mods and admins to view this because, well yes people griefed our wild, but we can't greif their builds.
  8. Alrighty, thanks for the replies guys! Glad to see people saw this post. Thanks to donators
  9. Right. Makes sense, but it's worth a shot
  10. Imma help. Probably.
  11. In my very short time here in EMC, I've seen 4 such organisations proposed and started. I'm not sure they continue anymore. :) The intentions are good, and yea, pretty much everyone agrees, and many would donate something, a few would even join and help.

    Unfortunately, as brick said, you run the risk of a ban if you 'grief' the random structures players have built. So though this stuff looks incredibly ugly, and the owner has long gone from EMC, it's still bannable to alter it.

    A few things I've discovered:
    1. If you make attempts to contact the owners of areas, and you get nothing back, chances are they are gone. And demolishing the mess they've made won't get you banned (as there's no one to report it).
    2. I've been working on an area near spawn on SMP5, and i've noticed that placing stone over a wide area has not stopped animals from spawning (I thought they could only spawn on grass, i was wrong). So simply being in the area will spawn animals.
    3. People will always chop up the wild as they pass through it. If you want to preserve it, provide the resources they need before they go to work in the nearest place they find (/wild). Like a tree farms etc. And build the wild like a giant garden, and put up signs that griefing is bannable lol.

    Another option is that Aikar resets the area inside the yellow border at least. (This area can be reset from time to time as per the warnings given in wiki/chat).
  12. Good luck guys I think this is a very good idea!
  13. Oh PS. I have a tonne of dirt, and some stone also, just sitting around where i'm working on SMP5.

    And I expect to mine out a heap more stone once key structures are done and I begin excavating to bedrock.

    I was going to start a bulk selling shop to finance things while I work, but I could also pass it along to community build projects.

    My mall appears to have an entire DC of oak saplings also. :) if you plan on building an oak Forrest or something.

    So if you want to start work on any of this, SMP5 has some work needing doing, and I have resources nearby to do it. :) let me know.
  14. Right. We wouldn't be altering many structures; I don't believe, mostly filling holes. I like your idea though, a tree farm or mining area would help keep them at bay :p Thanks for the idea.
  15. the frontier looks better with better settings on

    and people will just ruin it anyway
  16. well... i mean have fun but the point of the frontier is to hold wild bases any resset will disrupt stuff on any caliber and it shows the history of the empire i find recking it for just fun would kinda be a waste of time and destroy what happened throughout the years... dont burn the history that you see it shows something
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  17. They can just make it not like a bomb went off, it looks like the End.