Restore The Frontier Campaign-Updated

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Would you donate or join? Maybe both, or neither?

I would definitely donate AND join! 3 vote(s) 13.6%
I would join! 7 vote(s) 31.8%
I could donate. 8 vote(s) 36.4%
I wouldn't do either... 4 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Please read my past post: "Hello my fellow Empirites! Now, obviously before the wastelands were introduced the Wilderness Frontier was our main source of resources. However, now that we need not demolish it any longer; it's been left looking like the wastelands.

    I'm not sure how we're supposed to enjoy this, or spawn mobs here, or really do anything in this at all. It's our fault; and we've got to fix it.
    I'm introducing the Restore The Wilderness Frontier Campaign, or RWC. Basically, bring dirt and stone and sandstone and saplings--and fix it up a bit. We want to keep the wilderness we've had for years; for nostalgic reasons.
    Aikar had also announced he wants to make it possible to purchase land in the wilderness. How am I supposed to make a vacation home if the ground in flooded and 100 blocks below water level?!
    We should be able to go back there and see what fine places it can offer, not the place it's become.
    So let's launch this! Reply to join; basically this won't be a very serious protect; just to help out and mainly for fun.
    We just go to the Wilderness on each server occasionally and help out there. Fill in holes, spawn animals, plant trees, etc.
    Yup, it's a bit of a parody of what we've done to our actual earth today. But hey; why can't this be fun? So let's do it! Whenever other people in the project are online, head to The frontier and make it gorgeous again.

    As aforementioned above; this is something of a joke/ for fun and does NOT have to be taken too seriously. No meetings or negotiations (unless you want to) just getting rid of extra dirt and stone and helping ourselves for a better future when updates that utilize the Frontier come.
    Thanks :)"

    So now we have an smp9 base of operations :) We have another member (Mexme1) who's helped, but we need more! We've had donations, so thank you to those who did keep their promise, although more workers would be even better!
    We officially started work today, February 16th :) on fixing up the Wilderness. (our smp9 base below) So join up! 2014-02-16_08.58.54.png

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  2. EDIT: -Snip-

    Carry on.
  3. I don't know where you got that idea, and why you're here if you already didn't like the first one. It's an activity for fun; but why did you visit th updated version if you disagreed with the first one? I can change it if you like, but who cares?:):):)
    Besides, it's minecraft bro. If I wanted it to be work (and not involving people in the community like Aikar wants) then I'd be asking people to help out in your real life community, which is none of my buisness.
    All the acting like it's a serious problem was to add to the fun : ) so don't worry about it
  4. Look! Before and after :)
    P.S Sorry, I changedtexture packs xD 2014-02-16_13.09.41.png
    2014-02-16_14.27.05.png 2014-02-16_14.27.09.png

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  5. Sure I`ll donate, do a bit o` work, pay ya` back for the arrows I "Borrowed".
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  6. I will happily help with this, I was part of Chascarillo's team that did similar things :p
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  7. I am most DEFIANTLY helping with this! This sounds like a really fun idea, and it is helping the empire.

    (even though this shouldn't be taking seriously, we should have meetings, so we can discuss what servers we will go on and help out.)
  8. Where in this thread does it make you seem "nasty" for not voting EVEN though this is strictly for fun and not to be taken seriously? You don't have to, this is volunteer.
  9. I totally agree with this idea, the torn up landscape has really bothered me since I started playing on EMC. The other thing that really kills me is random dirt and cobblestone "structures". Every time I see them I want to tear it down and replant trees and lay down dirt so grass grows back. But I am afraid of that action being called "griefing" 'cause technically it is. And secondly I would hate to waste my time planting trees to come back later see that they have been cut down by someone else not replanted. So where do we draw the line bewteen griefing and beautification??

    I love that idea! But I must have missed that post.
  10. Assign numeric values. If it has no single owner, then you can compare the value of it broken versus fixed, and act as a result.
    If it does have a single owner/creator, either ask their permission, or consider community value versus their apparent value. If it is detrimental (not purely aesthetically) to the community as it is, I would consider taking it down.
  11. I am already in the RWC and I love it! I am going to post a before and after post soon, I hope! :D
  12. A bit confuzzled where it says you will
    help w/ this.:)
  13. btw, do we do anything in the nether? It is part of the frontier to.;)
  14. this sounds like fun, but I currently cannot access the empire servers, and i'm strictly "Old New Republic" on smp9, so I might need to live vicariously... just a little bit.
  15. In most cases, a person saying that on a Minecraft server forum, would make me nether ( :Dpun intended:D) go to the doctors again.:)
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  16. What happened to the base, it looks griefed.
  17. I would have added a snapshot, but I cant figure out where it gets saved.
  18. I will look into it
  19. How can it be 100 blocks beneath water level? :confused: