Rest in Peace.

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  1. Rest in peace to those children and teachers that were killed today at a Connecticut elementary school shooting.
    People these days man..... Take a moment of silence for these children are younger than us and paid the ultimate price.
  2. I have no idea what you're talking about ::confused::
  3. My school goes into lockdown if there is an armed person that is around or in the. which has happened a lot in the past.
    If only this school had that..
  4. Its people who do things like this that make me wish humans never existed. They were ****ing elementary kids, they are the most good hearted, and pure people in the world! Whoever did this isnt human, not at all, and shouldnt be treated like one. Im normally pretty emotionless when it comes to almost everything, but people like this make me so angry, i cant even describe it with words. My thoughts go out to all the families and friends of those who were effected by this. And i hope that the thing/things who did this get to stare at a wall the rest of their lives, with constant reminders from the outside world of how horrible and disgusting they are because of what they have done.
    They did that, but there is never a time when everyone is in a classroom:(
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  5. My school has never locked down, although Liverpool is a rough place, can see why ;)
  6. Poor guys :(
    I still don't understand why anyone would do that it just such an awful and evil idea to kill anyone but killing kids that's a hole new level of awful. I wish thier families the best luck that were effected.
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  7. R.I.P
    My thoughts going to the families, and everyone involved in this!
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  8. My thoughts are with the families involved with this horrible incident.

    Rest In Peace
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  9. It's people like that , which make me feel sick and horrified to even be human
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  10. I'm sorry? HORRIFIED to be human? I suggest you go and get yourself some biology knowledge. ALL animals will kill their own and other animal's children, so you can't really escape these 'horrific' killings unless you're dead.

    If anything, I wish that dinosaurs still ruled the earth, it would have been so much easier.
  11. Its our free will that he is referencing. Killing elementary school children is not part of human nature. Our choice to do evil deeds is. It is very horrifying to know that people actually do that, and that people will use their free will to be just terrible.
  12. Just watched the cover story on the news, this week just has been horrible and depressing for me. A couple of days ago three of my friends were killed in a car crash and now this happens. It just makes me wanna pull my hair out and scream what is wrong with the world these days especially this close to Christmas. We all need some good news these days...
  13. This is my town. I am a middle schooler that was only a couple of miles away. I was in lock-down from 9:30 ish to 12:30 ish. First two periods of the day were a normal Friday, Gym class and Science. Then in third period while I was in the computer lab we went into lock-down. We stayed in a scrunched up position until they announced 2 and a half hours later what happened. Immediately kids were called down to the office because their parents picked them up. I rode the bus home with about 15 kids.
  14. R.I.P all of the people killed during this. :(

    Now, we all know what happens now, video games get blamed...
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  15. Parents: It's video game's fault!
    Me: Ummm no. By saying "videa games" and not a type of video game your saying it's all the video game's fault including edicational ones and ones that help kids in special need?
    Parents: Well It's the type where you kill people So no shooters!
    Me: Well The ones I play are stratigical and by blaming a hobby of the shooter your making yoruself sound like a complete moron because if your blaming shooters and it was a hobby does that mean if he liked golf we should ban it because just because he played it means it's bad?
    Hitler had a mustache. Does that mean having a mustache will make you into a Nazi?
    *Parents leave room*

    My heart goes out towards all the families who were affected but not only that but the people who have been affected by this horrible news report.
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