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  1. Here is an example of my suggestion:
    SkyDogv8 has 10 residences, 1 on each server.
    SkyDog says come to my residence, so I have to guess which number residence is on the server we are currently on, which is kind of annoying.
    Now, it would be easier for me to just say /v SkyDogv8 and if there is only 1 residence on the server it teleports me to that server.

    I bet there is a lot of confusion now. I am hoping at least 1 person gets it and explains to better than me :)
  2. Well I see wat u mean but it probably won't happen cause the admins are Doing more important things atm
  3. What he means, is that if someone has multiple resses on multiple servers, then even if the other player's first res is not on the server you're on, if you do /v otherperson, you teleport to the res that they on, on the server they're on.
    Billybobjoe wants to visit Charlietheunicorn.
    Charlietheunicorn has 2 resses; his first one on smp38, and his second one on smp19.
    Billybobjoe is on smp19.
    If he does /v Charlietheunicorn, he would get that annoying res message, and in order to get to Charlietheunicorn's second res, he would have to do /v Charlietheunicorn 2.
    What OP is suggesting, is that doing /v Charlietheunicorn would teleport Billybobjoe to the res, that Charlietheunicorn owns, on the server that Billybobjoe is currently on.
    Doing so would leave the world of cotton candy and rainbows free to go butterfly watching using the time that they would have wasted trying to figure out why doing /v Charlietheunicorn wasn't working when they aren't on the server with Charlietheunicorn's first res.
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  4. In a nutshell yeah.

  5. EDIT:
    Had this song the entire time I read your comment :p
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  6. ._.banana
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  7. That was an even longer explanation than yours. More like in a coconut shell.
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