Residences and Mining

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  1. Okay so I tried to see if this idea has been suggested but i couldn't find it, my idea is that you could make plots that you people can buy that are like normal plots except the plots are like the wild and you can find ores and different resources. I dont know but I think it would be awesome to have like your own little mining area instead of having to go to the wild
  2. No, this would never happen sorry. All your recourses have to be found legitly in the Wilderness. Your res is just a safe place to build, shop or store stuff on. This has been suggested before and declined every time.
  3. I think countless variations of this have been suggested before. Last I heard, there was a good chance that there might be a system that will allow rich players purchase a small, safe plot of land in the wild for insane amounts of rupees.

    Then again the last time I was active was, like, a thousand years ago. So this information might be a tad outdated. ;)
  4. Last I heard we would use dragon egg's to purchase land in the wild or buy the eggs, [as green said for an insane amount of rupees] that would be safe from other players not mobs and have commands like town :D
    The dragon eggs would come from the dragon arena's they may one day make there mark on EMC.
    I say one day because like everything it needs coding and that all takes time. The idea of this is great but the announcement of it was given way too early and players have been disappointed that it has not happened. All good intentions on the part of the staff to bring this to EMC but 1.3 bugs in the system caused a lot of delays to it.

    As for mining in your own res, are you saying you want a safe place to mine with out mob's around. That will never happen on EMC, its a vanilla server which means you play the game as it was intended but they add in a few things to spice it up a little.

    If you can't go mining on your own because of the mobs ask other players, and remember there is 9 servers you can go mine on as a none supporter 10 if you are. So try asking players on them also and you could also make a thread on the forums like this asking other players.

    The problem I find in going mining with other ppl is if they or you have to leave when your out there and then you have to make your way back to spawn on your own.

    In reality mobs are not that bad, get your self some good armour iron /diamond enchanted if you can and a good sword a few god potions and you should be ok.
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