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  1. Hello, I need your help...
    I just bought a residence, which the owner of it hasn't been online for more than 30 days, so now I can claim it. I did, and it says it's mine, but I can't build on it. When you step on the residence it says that it's Sapphire_Gem's. (Mine). But I can not build on it. I also treid to unclaim it, but I can't. It says: Only the owner of this plot can unclaim this residence. But I am used to be the owner of it, because I bought it and when you step on it it says it's mine. But I can ALSO do /res forceclaim, so I can kinda claim it "again". I don't know if this is an error or it's just me. Also when I do /home, I come to the plot I "claimed" (so the one this is all about)
    When I do /res info, it says:
    Residence: Sapphire_Gem
    Owner: FlowerNightmare
    Derelict status: Derelict
    Type /res forceclaim [blabla] to claim. (I did, but I still can't do it, when I type this, it says: "You have reached your limit of 1 residence. (I already unclaimed the one I started with))
    Flags: [a lot]
    Your flags: None
    Other flags:

    So can someone please help me ASAP?
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  3. Seems something went wrong with the forceclaim. I will hop on and fix it for you.
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  4. I know Chickeneer's already on the case, but I'm curious - Did you try checking/changing your Permissions? This seems to happen every once in a while. It's probably been looked over pretty thoroughly already, but maybe there is something you can see that can help them figure out what causes this.
  5. Something went wrong during the forceclaim. I have a suspicion what, but not sure past that.

    anyway, any similar issues should be directed towards SrStaff
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  7. Okee doke.