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  1. whats stressfull on the servers is not having constant resets and reboots. havent seen the server go down yet. and the server is on a slow connection or something cause, personally i have 50mbps connection speeds. and yet the server says its only 2-3 bars most the time. resets would help remedy this at certain times of the day.
  2. We used to do daily reboots. The reason we stopped is that the current MC 1.0 server (both Vanilla or Bukkit) still has some serious flaws where it can corrupt a world on startup (randomly). Each time that happens I have to go to a backup move everything over, people lose progress, etc. As soon as MC is straight I will add the daily restarts again. Also the servers will be restarted today with some bug fixes :)
  3. finally a reboot thank you justin. been wondering when we could expect one. SMP1 desperately needs one fore sure not ure about the second. and utopia prolly doesnt need one since theres like 20 residents on the utopia server.and am i understanding this correctly? all the seeds for the maps are the same?
  4. I just wanted to say, EMC is THE COOLEST Server i have ever ben on. I even made a shop in SMP1, at 1747... Love it, keep it up.

    What is this? A Spoiler inside a Spoiler???
    What's going on here?
    Another one?
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  5. I have a problem, my friend oestenspandekage's name is just ONE letter to long to fit on a sign.. So I and other can't give him access to anything, without giving him access to everything. what is the solution of this?
  6. Yes sorry I have this logged as a bug, it will be fixed soon. When I wrote this code I forgot how long a players name can be, my bad :)
  7. Great! Will you then do so that it will work by just writing as much of the name as possible?
  8. Exactly :)
  9. Suggestion:
    Use the res id for the player as a player id number so if someone wants to give me access to something they can type in my res id. [3397] instead of [GokouZWAR]. Just a thought.
  10. This would be a bit tricky because you unclaim residences and move now. So then the next person that claims that residence would have access.
  11. Hadn't thought about that. Maybe then a character ID number that wouldn't be based on the residence number. You could get that data from the /p command you showed me a while back. Come to think of it, isn't there one there already? I can't check cuz i'm not at home...
  12. That might also be tricky, because we'd then have to not do the names part of it (some people have numbers for names...and thought it might be a rare occasion, it may overlap at some point).
  13. well it was just a thought. :)
  14. This was fixed today, Just put as much of his name as you can fit on one line. Let me know if it doesn't work :)
  15. Lots of good fixes on this one! :) Happy to see the nether is back to it's true dangerous self! Can't wait to go one on one with some gasts! >:)
  16. ok great, thank you once again justin :)