Residence Updates

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  1. Announcing another batch of custom Empire Minecraft features. I am particularly excited about this because it is going to open up a lot of new possibilities with residences.

    In your residence you can now grant access to individual buttons, doors, chests, etc. It is very simple to do all you have to do is place a sign above it. Learn how in the updated Server Guide:

    Empire Guide > Residence > Modifying Protection with Signs

    You can now reset and unclaim your own residence. This can be helpful if you want to start over in it or move to a different server. It is limited to one reset or unclaim every 24 hours because it is stressful on the servers. Learn how in the updated Server Guide:

    Empire Guide > Residence > Resetting or Unclaiming a Residence

    Additionally there were a bunch of various bug fixes and minor improvements related to residences. As usual you can find the update log here:

    I hope everyone enjoys these new updates, the next focus is getting smp3 launched :)
  2. Great to see these new features implemented!
    Now the Empire is even more unique!
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  3. I love the changes!!

    When will the update be done?
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  4. how long will the server b down
  5. It's up now. :)
  6. Hey Justin, when you were demonstrating the new stuff..
    I got a free sign. What should I do with this free sign I was not supposed to get?
  7. This. Is. Epic! I love the new changes.
  8. lol I think it will be ok, donate it to charity ;)
  9. Okay. I'll use it to grant access on my res or somethin.
  10. I'm sorry, but if he gets a free sign I think you should give everyone a free sign... you just aren't the fair and just server god I thought you were...
  11. I gave the sign back, don't worry.
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  12. can you make the server 50/50 because every time i restart 40 second i cant go in
  13. Really, that wouldn't do anything. The server is so popular, it would still be full. It would just lag more, nothing else. Which makes this pointless, really, since you will likely still have the same tribulations associated with logging in. Worse, even, since the Idle-Kicker would take a long time to remove those that are taking up space.
  14. With this new update. Soulwalk3r's apartment complex is now risk free :DDD as long as people close their doors
  15. Hail To All That Is Admin
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  16. absolutley amazing everytime I think the improvments are over you guys suprise me. Great work!
  17. Absolutely brilliant! I have been waiting for plug-ins like this for quite a long time now!
  18. Best update in a long while. Credit to Justin and anybody else who may've worked on this. :)
  19. Wow. My face when I saw this just now.