Residence Showoff update

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  1. You... Just triple posted.
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  2. Deleted the other 2 threads and moved this to the correct forum for you :)
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  3. umm, for my residence, you did the wrong one... you were supposed to do 5214, not 5276.
    Also, btw, the hidden stuff, was behind the "wood wall". It is a wood farm and i could show you it when you are on if you want to.
  4. Ok srry about the triple post i was editing the one post and turned into 3 srry ark_warrior i will put your correct residence in series 2 i apoligize have any of you seen the videos?
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  5. ok, just use that res for series one and for series 2 use the other one.
  6. Yay nice video. My res on Youtube!