Residence Questions

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  1. New to EMC, (new to multiplayer entirely). The rules state " no mining in town". Does this include excavating under your residence plot for build purposes? second, if excavation is allowed: how deep (roughly) is the plot in town?
  2. No mining in town is just because there is only dirt under your residence so there is nothing to mine.You can do whatever you want on your res in town, if you want you could make it a giant hole to bedrock. If you want to mine go to /waste, that is a normal minecraft world meant for mining and gathering recources.

    EDIT: forgot to say welcome to the empire!
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  3. I'd recommend giving the new player guide (link is in my sig) a quick read, if you haven't already. That should answer the most general questions you'll probably have about EMC. Also check out the commands list on the wiki as well.

    And of course don't be afraid to ask questions here or in-game.
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  4. Hello there, to answer your questions, a residence is basically a 60x60x60 block of dirt. You have free reign in there, and can do whatever you please (so long as it follows EMC rules - no foul builds or language).

    If you have any further questions, feel free to PM myself or any other staff member, and we would be happy to answer. :D