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  1. This may sound good but think about it. How about when people go to a residence, they can " Like " it or possibly " Dislike ". This would be purely an option for people who own a megamall or something and want peoples opinions.

    Example: I go to a residence and I am able to like/dislike. I could do /res like or /res dislike based on my judgements.

    Ideas, questions, Concerns, or your favorite mammal below :D

    EDIT: Just like residence messages, this could also be a support-only feature maybe for iron and up.
  2. Whales.
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  3. Perhaps the optioning of "favourite" residences could be a good substitute, as people might get upset if their res got a lot of dislikes.
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  4. What I am trying to say is that it is an option to allow people to like/dislike your residence.
  5. I understood what you said, but people might not like getting a load of dislikes,whether they wanted their residence rated or not. With the idea of being able to "favourite" residences a player could get a good idea based on the number of favourites on their res.
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  6. That is a good idea too.
  7. Narwhals
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  8. Than, for some good statistics, you need the number of visitors, it wouldn't say really anything if you don't know how many people out of how many favourited.

    Fe: 1 people out of 1 favourited.
    1 out of 100 people favourited.
  9. With all the talk of how this would offend people, and my thoughts on how it wouldn't benefit anyone, I think we can assume that it would be better for everyone if it wasn't added.
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