Residence Flags

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  1. I went looking through the list of commands for Residences and didn't find one that I was looking for so I figured I would check to see if it actually exists... I was wondering if there is a command that can give other people the same level of access (short of being able to unclaim the res) that the owner has? This way instead of having to type in 10 odd set of permissions for each res that you want that person to have access to, you can just type in that one command for each individual res. I know there are people out there with alts that would love to be able to give all of their accounts the same level of access throughout all their residences with each of those alts without having to type 20-30 odd commands per account per res. I hope this made sense...if not let me know and I will reword it.
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  2. Yea, I, as many others have asked for this a lot. It could be as simple as something like: /res pset [playername] admin t

    This would give that player access to all flags and even the ability to set the flags themselves.
  3. if only there was something like this.
  4. Yeah, you could be able to set flags and move tpset and such I suppose.
  5. I think this is something that Aikar has set behind dragon tombs :)
    I personally love the idea, would save a ton of time.