Residence duplication

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  1. Forgive me if this has been suggested but my searches did not turn up any results.

    Sometimes, like in my case friends join at different times. So the ability to have your friend be a neighbor inst always easy. Of course eventually a neighboring lot will open up. But when one does the only way to move is to start over with a fresh lot.

    I think my suggestion could benefit both the players and EMC real world costs if this is even problematically possible. If a lot opens up in a location you would rather be in, but feel that you have put too much time and effort into your current res, I suggest a cut and paste of the residence.

    I would suggest a real money donation to EMC to have a mod move your res and all its contents to the new location, given that the two lots are of the same size and same server. This could be requested by PM to a mod. For those who cant secure multiple lots, the request would not be guaranteed. It would depend on if another player secured the lot before the mod got to handling your request. If you had a membership that let you secure the lot as a second residence it would only be a matter of waiting for a mod to get to it.

    I think that if this could be sorted out logistically then players could move with their stuff in one massive sweep and EMC could get some money to fund servers and such.
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  2. Senior Staff will already do this if requested. For a price of course. :D
  3. duplication would definitely not be the correct term for this though :p
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  4. We can copy n paste our res for a cost??? When did this service come out? Can we like Move a smp2 res to smp8?
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  5. I'm pretty sure that because of the way world edit works this can only be done inner-server.
  6. Isn't it possible to save as a schematic and re-paste with a Schematic paster?
  7. The ability to move your build from one res number to another is only available within the same smp. This is not available cross-server. If you are interested it doing this, please start a private conversation with the Senior Staff members :)
  8. Yes, however you don't even need schematica to save or load in schematic files - it's a world edit command - so technically speaking it 'can' be cross-server ...

    Only downfall is, for everytime it's cross-server switched ... it adds the schematic file to the schematic folder within the world edit default.

    //schematic save (name) ---> Added to World Edit folder here
    //schematic load (name)
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  9. As far as I'm aware it hasn't been decided that this would be a service. At least, that's what Davie's told me :confused:
  10. So how much does it cost to "move" a residence from one res to another in the SAME server?
    And how much would it cost to "move" a residence from one res to another in DIFFERENT servers?
  11. The reason that this isn't offered is because it's so hard, even doing it for major projects like the tutorial is avoided.
  12. Aikar copied JabrZer0s house from smp1 to Utopia just to blow it up :D
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  13. It can be done, but it requires Aikar and schematicas, it's just not fun. :p
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  14. they used as Alex pointed out schematica. this means you can do the same.
  15. Say, how much would this cost?
  16. So we could duplicate items basically?
  17. Well Aikar had fun :p
    But I get your point. :)
  18. No. The are talking about moving things rather than duplicating them.
  19. OK this seem to be going of topic a bit let me attempt to clear it up

    No you can not duplicate anything, you can how ever buy a res move- this mean everything on res can be moved to another for a high fee. This can not be done cross-server.

    they were talking about using a mod named schematica which allows a player to save a build and use a eathreal layout to rebuild it, this means you re build it had by had with a blueprint basicly
  20. Right. We have not officially confirmed anything. I believe requests were being done for around 100,000R.