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  1. I think that people should be able to buy residences, even if they aren't a supporter. I think that you could buy them the same way you buy rupees. Each residence, not utopia because that is still supporter territory, would be $30 USD.
  2. If want get more res just become a supporter and buying res as a regular would defeat the purpose of having supporter and their perks.
  3. If you buy a res, you wouldn't have to pay every month, unlike supporters who do
  4. Also, the utopia residences would remain Gold and Diamond supporter properties

  5. So you would pay 30 bucks to buy a res than paying $10 for gold / $20 for diamonds with perks a month? Sorry but don't see this idea really doing anything if you want more res's A. Become a gold or higher supporter B. buy a alt account
  6. In the long run, the supporters would be paying a LOT more than those who just buy the lot
  7. So you say want 3 extra res's that would 90 bucks total giving you 9months of gold supporter or 4 months of diamonds supporter with 10 toward 2 months of iron or 1 month of gold. Hmm In the long run becoming a supporter is wiser choice.
  8. If you just want one more lot, get another account. Also a one time payment with even more advantages.
  9. I'm sorry, but it's just not feasible. There are the issues above, obviously.

    If someone purchased a residence, would they be granted a longer period of derelict protection? If they are, what of new players who cannot afford to purchase a residence but play more often? Also, we would simply not be able to sustain the number of residences required for this. Regardless of those points, the other issue is related to real world money.

    Personally, I could afford to buy a large number of residences. In addition to my current residences, I would definitely be able to protect these from the derelict policy, just by logging in every few a single account.

    Proposed system:
    I currently have 5 residences.
    +10 residences @ $30 = $300 (no alternative minecraft accounts)
    total: 15 res'

    There are, what, 1500 residences per town/server? 1500/15 = 100. I'm sure there are 100 members who could also afford this...and I am underestimating.

    With our current system:
    4 residences per diamond member. So, let's underestimate again and say 3 diamond memberships.
    $60/month * 12 = $720/year + $90 minecraft account.
  10. If the payment was in rupees,I would have chosen "Yes"
  11. This statement is the key to this thread! Couldn't of been said better :)

    So it proves to just donate for supporter as it will save you teh moneyz :)
  12. You guys just HAD to bump this after 6 months of no one posting here didnt you.

  13. You could just limit the number of residences you could buy, and raise that when you become a supporter.;)