Residence Biome Changing

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  1. I thought it would be cool and possibly helpful idea/thing to builders who prefer a certain type of biome for their residence.

    It could be as simple as a command to change the biome, using a stick and clicking corners of a certain area on their residence, or even just a residence being only one type of biome.

    The reason why I brought this up is because I've noticed myself, and probably others too, that the jungle and river biomes don't look good with the swamplands. And that's something going on in the Smp8 spawn area.
  2. I was looking on the issuetracker yesterday, and looked at most of the issues I could. I saw that they had already decided that this could be a good thing, but they haven't gotten to it yet, as the list is massive. So yea, that's about it :D
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  3. Mind beaning me with the link to the issue tracker?
  4. ummm
    its pretty far back, lemme go find it k?
  5. I don't think its possible to do this without more codding from Aikar. If this was a feature, it would cost 20-30k since this is transforming and creates lag.

    Why so expensive? So no one spams it and lags the server (your changing 3-4 chunks in a few seconds, yeah that takes memory, therefore, creating lag)
  6. This has already been suggested and it is a great idea.
  7. This is what ICC said when I asked in private for a biome change.
  8. Then I'm hopping they vote for yes. :D
  9. Why 20-30k, really, not all people have 500k or more. I'd say 5,000r per residence.
  10. I'd say 10-20k. And if you only have 5k, go look for a res that is all one biome
  11. TheMinner, it isn't that easy to go find a res that's all one biome that you want. And even if there is one it's probably already taken by someone else who wanted that biome. Which is why residence biome changing would come in hand here.
  12. I'm not familiar with Residence but I've derped on creative servers with plotme and it's built in to it so that you can change the plot biome and it didn't lag much to do it. All it really does is change the tint of your grass and stop rain/snow and keep water from freezing.
  13. It's actually really easy....
    Really? Hmm, but still I would make it cost 10-20k