Reset Needed??

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Should the empire wild's be reset again?

Poll closed Jul 16, 2012.
Yes 18 vote(s) 22.8%
No 54 vote(s) 68.4%
I really don't care 7 vote(s) 8.9%
  1. I don't know if anyone else has the same problem (it would be hard to miss) but I'm having a hard time getting around all the holes, ditches, cave-ins, caverns, and other "traps" when trying to gather resources from the wild.

    I think maybe a reset is in order? How often does the Empire crew do that?

    I've included a pic of smp4's wild

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  2. I agree it can be a pain getting to the wild. I wish people would have a little more respect than they do with mining the areas like they do.
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  3. Well said. If people are looking for cobblestone, why not mine underground??
  4. It is more a matter of tech issues. If they are having issues with the server because of a new update, they reset it. But those issues are rare.

    About getting around the holes, i suggest getting free dirt and filling a path for yourself in. You and others placing dirt down saves Justin lots of time. You also the large wild communities. It takes a lot less effort to place useless dirt down than it does for the LLO to rebuild their giant community.
    Its not cobble, its sand that is the wanted material.
  5. Very very true. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I go wandering about. ;)
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  6. There supposed to reset the yellow area every week or so, But there too lazy to do it.
  7. I wouldnt call them lazy, its more of a matter of the amount of time its takes the SERVER offline. In fact, the staff are busy making new code for the server. That includes the mods. The mods only "job" is to MODERATE the server. But the mods are taking on other responsibilities, for FREE. Sorry if this sounds hostile, but it kind of upsets me when i see someone call our awesome staff "lazy." When i think of the staff, lazy never pops into my head. Stuff like "dedicated", "hardworking", and "selfless" appear.
  8. Haha, with all the negative comments you make, I'd take it you don't like us very much. :(
  9. Yes that is a small part of the smp4 wild, I get around perfectly fine in the wild. People have made paths you can walk on so you can dodge all that area.
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  10. i completely agree that that is a idiotic way to mine, but it is the fastest when coming to sand and sand stone. i have many HUGE wild bases, that i put a lot of time into, they are beautiful, planned out, and taken care of.. thousands and thousands of blocks away from the farthest spawn. i would completely hate to see that all have to get destroyed. :( though, i do agree... the periodic reset really really really really needs to happen more often.
  11. I live with her on one of these bases...resetting it may result in her murdering me D:

    lol :p
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  12. Your horrible, Go die in a fire.
    Not really, I love you ICC, It just seems that I come across as hating :)
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  13. The last thing I'd want to do is destroy something you guys have made :(. After reading the comments, I kinda want to make a project in making (or repairing) the roads...That is if no griefers get to them first
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  14. If you need dirt, im digging out a 60x60x7 area of my res and i will have too much dirt soon!;)
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  15. Yes it's a pain but who doesn't have about 5 or more double chests of dirt? Whenever I go to the wild I bring a few things; swords, picks, melon and of course dirt! Dirt is useful for navigating these holes and also come in handy when trying to get up to something! No wild reset please!
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  16. I think he would melt first...
    Good job on the gray text by the way! ;)
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  17. I used to have a TON of dirt myself, but I didn't keep it. I just put it all in a "Free" chest and one user in particular keeps taking it all hahahaha
  18. Funnily enough I put like a whole double chest out and advertised for people to come takeout for free but none came :( long story short I HAVE HEAPS!
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  19. Dude periodic reset would solve this
  20. EPIC!! I'll be coming by soon to pick dirt up from everyone's place hahaha
    I agree...But how do we make them? lol