Reset more often?

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  1. I know the server is currently set to reboot ever few hours, but the last forty minutes or so before reboot are really unplayable with a recent dig showing one in three blocks glitching back.

    I think the server reboots could be more often - at the end of the day, how much of an interruption is it, really? You don't lose your position, your inventory, any work you've done, you just relog for thirty seconds and get back in.

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  2. Think about the Empire staff IRL. If they're not doing any reboots, then they're maybe busy or they know that there's no lag. What I'm trying to say is it's maybe your PC or just a bad day for MC :)
  3. You do know that the reboots are automated, right?
  4. As Jack says, it's not as if there's someone sat in front of a server monitor going; "NOES LAAAG!" :)

    The inconvenience is non-existent once Aikar tweaks a number in a line of code, but the benefits are substantial and the interruptions to the player are minimal at best. :D
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  5. Were about to be on 1.4.4 so hopefully all should be well....
  6. You forgot to mention to everyone that in order to decrease lag, you've changed every block to dirt.
  7. Oh right, and I'm working on the black and white patch now.
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  8. We could try upgrading to dual Intel 4004 cpu's? Or would that be too powerful..
  9. 2 things.

    you said that and i thought

    and 2...

    Server side texture = true, minecraft default but black and white. xD
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  10. I thought we nixed the black and white and decided on 16 colors?
  11. Duh.
  12. Sorry it was a misprint :p

    I was sleepy :p